How Are Medical Bills Paid in an Ohio Personal Injury Case?

Whether you are injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident due to someone else’s carelessness, one of the first questions asked is how will their medical bills get paid?

The insurance company for the person at fault in causing your injuries is ultimately responsible for paying your medical bills. However, they are only legally required to pay you one time for your injuries in exchange for a settlement.

Some injuries may require months or years of medical treatment which may pose a concern when the insurance company is not paying those bills as they are incurred.

As any competent Ohio personal injury lawyer will tell you, there are many ways to keep the medical facilities at bay while awaiting for a final settlement from the at fault party’s insurance company.

One way is to use your health insurance to pay for medical bills as they are incurred. At the time of settlement, your health insurer is then paid back from the settlement proceeds.

This is actually one of the more preferred methods to pay medical bills when possible. Many health insurers’ end up paying less than the billed amount. This results in having to pay back less in medical bills than if you didn’t have health insurance.

Your bills may also be paid by your own auto insurance company or the person who you were riding with at the time of the accident.

If you had what is known as “medical payments coverage” or “med pay” in your insurance policy, then you own automobile insurance will cover your medical bills. Again, the payments made by your own auto insurance for medical payments will have to be paid back at the time of settlement in most circumstances.

Finally, if no insurance is available to immediately pay medical bills, many medical facilities will wait to be paid at the time of settlement or verdict.

This often times requires the signing of a contract with the medical facility and attorney.

It is important to notify medical providers early if you have no insurance to immediately pay for bills after you have been involved in an a motor vehicle, truck or motorcycle accident.

Ohio personal injury laws are complicated and take an experienced Ohio personal injury lawyer to best understand them.

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