Chester Law Group Co. LPA is an established personal injury law firm with 20 office locations throughout Ohio, including our main office in Akron. Our legal team helps accident victims recover compensation in a range of personal injury cases, such as car crashes, medical mistakes, property accidents and products liability claims.

We are led by experienced attorney David Chester. Attorney Chester has legal experience spanning three decades and has helped thousands of injured clients find justice. There is a very personal reason for Mr. Chester’s chosen profession. Having been injured in a motorcycle accident as a young man, he understands how difficult it is to secure fair insurance compensation without the help of a lawyer. Now as a seasoned personal injury attorney, he helps ensure clients do not face the same unfair treatment that he received many years ago.


How We Are Different

There are multiple reasons clients choose to work with us. From the “big reasons” such as our track record of success, to the “smaller reasons” such as the nurse paralegals on our team who review medical records, making sure every injury is fully documented and detailed.

Here are a few other reasons why past clients have trusted us with their cases:

  • We can advise on appropriate medical care: Finding proper medical care can be one of the first challenges for accident victims. Some do not have health insurance and cannot afford to see a doctor. Many find their family doctors will not see established patients for car accident-related injuries. Others do not understand what type of medical specialist they should see. Many personal injury attorneys do not or will not help clients address these concerns when appropriate. However, when you work with our law firm, we can assist you to obtain appropriate medical care when needed.
  • We help you protect your health insurance and other benefits: Our attorneys do more than just fight for fair compensation. We also help accident victims protect their health insurance, Medicaid and Medicare benefits, workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. Many injured individuals do not realize that if they don’t follow certain rules, they may lose these important benefits. Our lawyers can help you secure compensation for your accident injuries and help you keep any other benefits you are currently receiving.
  • We have extensive trial experience: In today’s personal injury environment, it is essential for accident victims to work with an attorney who is known for trying cases. Although many claims will never see the inside of a courtroom, if the insurance company knows your lawyer doesn’t push for trial, it may be less likely to offer a fair settlement. Our lawyers, however, are widely recognized by insurance companies for our extensive litigation work. We are willing to take any case to court, regardless of the type or seriousness of the injury — and insurers know this.
  • We truly care about the welfare of our clients: This is not just a job to us; it is also personal. We become fully invested in our clients’ well-being and future. Throughout the entire process, our team will do all that we can to ease the burden and stress for you. This means you will work directly with an attorney on your matter. This also means you will be able to speak with someone at our firm whenever you need — including nights and weekends.

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