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Auto accidents account for many of the personal injury claims in Ohio today. However, as an accident victim, you should not have to accept boilerplate legal representation from a lawyer just going through the motions. You deserve to work with a car accident lawyer who will take your injury claim as seriously as you do. Call the Chester Law Group to retain one of the most experienced team of car accident attorneys in Ohio. With representation, our lawyers and staff will begin collecting evidence, protecting your rights and shielding you from aggressive insurance companies.

Our Car Accident Lawyers Are Willing To Fight For You

At Chester Law Group Co. LPA, each case our car accident lawyers take is important to us. We realize that without our help, car accident victims may be left without rightful compensation to address their car crash injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

When you work with us, you can expect aggressive legal advocacy. Our car accident lawyers know that the big insurance companies are notorious for trying to take advantage of accident victims — often refusing to compensate fairly. Our team of car accident lawyers is here to look out for you.  Our car accident lawyers do not let insurance companies bully our clients. If the insurance adjusters do not offer a fair settlement, we never hesitate to advance a case to trial.

Our law firm focuses on car accident and personal injury claims, and we have extensive experience addressing a range of accident types, including:

Car accidents

Truck accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Pedestrian accidents

Bike accidents

Commercial Vehicles

Public transportation accidents

Distracted driving accidents

Highway accidents

Passenger injuries

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DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case. Litigation co-counsel is listed where appropriate.



    Chester Law Group counseled attorney Nick DeGennaro in handling the case of a middle-aged man from Central Ohio who was catastrophically injured when he was hit by a car owned by an employee of a major telecommunications company.

    The client suffered a severe spinal cord injury leaving him a permanent quadriplegic. Medical bills, lost wages and other economic damages are expected to be over $12,000,000.00.

    Settlement: Confidential. January 2021


    Our client, a 63-year-old man from Medina, suffered back and neck injuries in a car accident that required surgery. We settled the case before trial with co-counsel Lori Luka.

    Settlement: $850,000.00 – April 2021.


    Our client, a 25-year-old female from Western Ohio, broke both her arms which required surgery when an escaped cow crossed the road in front of her. The case settled before trial with co-counsel Lori Luka.

    Settlement:$526,000.00 – June 2021


    Our client, a young male from Northeast Ohio, was catastrophically injured while riding his motorcycle when the driver of a car pulled out from a stop sign. This caused our client to hit the car and propelled our client off of his bike. Our client suffered a severe spinal cord injury leaving him a permanent paraplegic. Medical bills, lost wages and other economic damages are expected to be over $5,000,000.00. The settlement amount is confidential. We ended up also fighting with Medicaid to reduce the amount we have to repay them for accident-related bills they paid because of recent U.S. Supreme Court case law that made Ohio’s Medicaid subrogation statute unconstitutional. That fight lasted until January 2014. Litigation co-counsel was Tom Haskins.

    Settlement: Confidential. January 2014


    Our client was a middle aged Ohio man who was injured in a motor vehicle accident while on the job. He suffered torn muscles in both arms and an injury to his knee that will likely require future surgery. He continues to have pain in his arms and pain in his knee.

    Settlement: $800,000.00 – February 2015


    A Northern Ohio male seriously injured his knee as well as other, less serious bodily injuries when he was hit by a motor vehicle. He required extensive knee surgery as well as rehabilitation of the knee, which is typical in this type of case, to regain mobility in his knee. Recovery for these types of injuries takes longer since the injured person has to keep pressure off of the knee, which severely limits activities of daily living. Luckily, a full recovery was made.

    Awarded: $500,000


    Our client was an elderly Ohio resident from Hamden Ohio. He was injured when a second car crossed the yellow line and hit his vehicle head on. Our client suffered injuries to both his hips that required surgery. He underwent rehabilitation and is continuing to have discomfort from his injuries.

    Awarded: $390,000 – February 2014


    Policy Limits – Amount Awarded to 2 (two) 18-year-old Eastern Ohio residents involved in automobile accident causing severe injuries, including a life flight. The young ladies suffered concussions and required additional treatment for their injuries over an extended period of time. Both have made good recoveries and suffer very little long-term physical or psychological damage from the accident. According to the CDC, closed head trauma can occur even if the head is not hit against something in the car. The blunt force trauma to the body forces the head to jolt back and forth, injuring the brain without a mark on the outside of the head. A brain MRI or CT usually reveals the extent of the damage. A neuroradiologist diagnoses the injury and treatment with a neurologist is the usual course of treatment. Not everyone recovers fully from a closed head injury.

    Awarded: $300,000


    Alliance man injured in auto accident. Client suffered cervical disc injuries requiring surgery. Disc surgeries are not always successful in removing all of the client’s pain. When surgery fails, a more serious type of surgery, known as a fusion surgery, may reduce the pain. If not, the patient is basically left to deal with the pain for life with the help of a pain specialist. Any time you have surgery, there are risks of serious complications, including infection and death.

    Awarded: $295,000


    Lorain man injured in motor vehicle collision. Client suffered multiple herniated discs requiring several back surgeries. The insurance company fought hard to not pay the fair amount on this claim, but finally gave in after extensive negotiations on our part. Sometimes one surgery for a herniated disc is not enough. Sometimes the traditional laminectomy does not take away the pain, and so a more serious surgery, called a vertebrae fusion, is necessary. The doctor actually “fuses” the vertebrae together to make up for the missing disc that cannot absorb the shock between the vertebrae any more. Sometimes, even the fusion does not take away the pain, and the person is left to deal with the pain for life with the help of a pain management doctor. A lifetime of heavy pain medication is a very serious injury and horrible to have to deal with. Also, disc herniations can show up above and below the fusion, causing more serious problems down the road for the client.

    Awarded: $282,000


    Cuyahoga County jury verdict for driver injured in a collision where insurer refused to pay policy limits of $100,000 to settle the claim. Jury verdict of $260,000 forced insurer to pay in excess of policy limits. It is our opinion that the insurance company ended up paying more than policy limits because they did not want a bad faith lawsuit against them from their own insured for not settling within policy limits when they had a chance. This is the risk insurance companies take when they do not pay policy limits on cases that are clearly policy limit cases. Litigation co-counsel was Joe Joseph of Cleveland Ohio.

    Jury Verdict: $260,000


    Our client was a 43 year old man from Cleveland Ohio, who was involved in an accident in Newton Ohio. Our client was driving on the Ohio turnpike when he slowed down to avoid a tarp in the road. He was then hit from behind be another car and suffered several injuries including a neck injury which required surgery to repair. The client made a full recovery. A lawsuit was filed and a settlement reached before trial. Litigation co-counsel was Lynn Lazarro.

    Settlement: $250,000.00 October 2014


    Our client, a 77-year-old woman from Parma, Ohio, was T-boned by another car. She suffered a fractured right knee and a fractured wrist. Chester Law Group Co. LPA was able to settle the claim for $250,000.

    Awarded: $250,000


    Canton woman involved in serious auto accident. Client suffered heel and ankle injuries requiring multiple surgeries. The auto insurance company was reluctant to pay what we considered to be a fair amount until the threat of litigation made them reconsider. Lower leg injuries are specially dangerous because they can severely limit a person’s ability to walk. If you cannot walk, you may not be able to work. These injuries also can take a long time to heal, because people cannot help but put pressure on the leg at times, and this can slow down the healing process. Even with crutches, healing can be a slow, painful process. Also, hairline bone fractures may not show up right away on X-rays in my experience, and so it is important to keep your doctor up to date on how you are feeling. Additional tests may be necessary. Sometimes the doctor orders a CT scan to find the hairline fracture missed by X-rays. CT, or Cat Scan, is a sophisticated, computer controlled X-ray. It finds fractures missed by traditional X-rays.

    Awarded: $247,500


    42-year-old female suffered multiple injuries when she was rear-ended in Brecksville. Client saw multiple doctors and was in treatment for an extended period of time.

    Awarded: $145,000


    A 64-year-old Cuyahoga County man received nonsurgical neck, shoulder and back injuries when he was rear-ended and subsequently pushed into a third vehicle. The client was in treatment for an extended period of time, and treated by several local doctors. These types of double impacts can cause serious bodily damage. The body is first struck from behind pushing it backwards, then it is struck from the front pushing the body forward. This back and forth “see-saw” motion can force the body to move in ways it was not meant to move. The result are serious neck and back injuries that may not be able to be fixed and may never totally heal.

    Awarded: $105,050


    A 41-year-old Lorain man was injured when his vehicle was struck by a vehicle that changed lanes without caution. Client suffered a shoulder tear that required surgery. The recovery was painful, and the client’s quality of life was interrupted for a period of time. When a client tears a muscle, ligament, tendon or disc, the pain can be tremendous. This pain and suffering is a part of the personal injury case. This can be the main reason that a person gets such a large award. The intensity, frequency and duration of physical pain and emotional suffering helps determine for a jury how much to award a client.

    Awarded: $100,000 (policy limit)


    $100,000 (policy limits). Client’s vehicle was struck on the driver’s side of his vehicle causing his vehicle to land in a ditch. Client suffered back, neck and hip injuries. We would have attempted to receive more money for this client, but the defendant had no assets and no additional auto insurance was available. In other words, the defendant was not collectible beyond the automobile policy limits. This case is a good example of why it is such a good idea to have a large Uninsured Motorist policy, to protect yourself when the party at fault does not have enough auto insurance to cover all the damages surrounding your injuries.

    Awarded: $100,000 (policy limit)


    45-year-old Summit County man with multiple disc herniations due to auto accident requiring surgery. Herniated discs can be very painful because the discs have nerves in them and the discs end up pressing on nerves that come off the spinal cord and go to vital parts of the body. Disc injuries can cause nerve damage, which can be detected with neurological tests such as the EMG and NCV. In serious cases, the herniated disc material can press on the spinal cord, causing major pain and disruption of life.

    Awarded: $100,000 (policy limits)


    47-year-old Medina female suffered multiple herniations that required surgery after she was rear-ended on State Route 43 in Streetsboro.

    Herniated discs can be quite painful, and many times require surgery to reduce the pressure that the herniated discs put upon the nerves coming off the spinal cord, as well as the spinal cord itself. When the disc is herniated, it blocks the nerve from exiting the hole in the vertebrae, called the foramen. This is know as neuroforaminal encroachment, better known as a “pinched nerve.” Repeated damage to the nerve can cause permanent damage, and this is a real danger of having a “pinched nerve.”

    Awarded: $100,000 (policy limits)


    A 37-year-old man from Maple Heights was rear-ended by a man from Ravenna. The accident occurred on Fishcreek Rd in Stow. He suffered minor spinal injuries.

    Awarded: $100,000


    Client suffered multiple injuries when his vehicle was side-swiped by a vehicle that did not stop at a stop sign. Side-swipe accidents are very dangerous because they impact the side of the vehicle. There is not much metal between the car hitting you and your body, except a small door panel. This is a main reason we see serious injuries arise from side-swipe impacts.

    Awarded: $95,000


    Settlement for client who was rear-ended causing the air bags to deploy. Client suffered a laceration to head, fracture of right iliac bone, labral tear, and nondisplaced fracture through right socket of the hip joint. Rear-impact accidents cause serious injuries because the client’s head is thrown back and forth in the vehicle. In addition, the seat moves back and forth creating a ramping motion that can shear the cervical discs and even vertebrae. The impact from the party at fault can travel right into the client’s body, causing broken bones, etc. We have seen serious injuries occur in rear-impact accidents at speeds as low as 10 mph. The bumper will absorb the impact and not even look like there was an impact at all, but the occupants are seriously injured. Sort of like the eggs in an egg carton. The outside of the egg carton looks fine, but you always check the eggs anyway, because they can be damaged even when the carton looks fine.

    Awarded: $90,000


    Toledo man suffered closed head injury and stitches after motor vehicle collision. According to the Center for Disease Control, a person can receive a closed head injury even if his or her head does not hit anything in the vehicle. Just the violent back and forth movement that occurs in a collision can move the brain so quickly inside the skull that brain damage results. Auto insurance companies almost always look for an impact to show closed head injury, but that is not necessary according to the United States Federal Government. Don’t let an auto insurance adjuster tell you that you cannot have a closed head injury because you did not strike your head on the dashboard or steering wheel. Remember, they are usually not doctors.

    Awarded: $89,000


    71-year-old Lake County male injured while a passenger in a vehicle when another vehicle failed to yield. He suffered injuries to his ribs, chest and head which required multiple trigger point injections, physical therapy and a splint.

    Such injuries are fairly common when a negligent driver hits our clients at high speeds. People forget how dangerous car and trucks really are. A typical vehicle on Ohio roads can weigh between 2,000 and 6,000 pounds, and when that force hits a soft human body, the injuries can be surprising. By wearing a seat belt, many of the injuries can be reduced or eliminated. Trigger point injections are used to help muscles that are spasming to relax. They are usually administered by a pain management specialist. This is a medical doctor who has undergone special training on how to reduce pain. Many family doctors refer their patients to pain management doctors when they cannot adequately manage the patient’s pain symptoms.

    Awarded: $85,000


    Female client injured when struck by a vehicle that failed to yield at a stop sign. Client treated with local doctors for multiple injuries. Stop sign collisions can cause serious injuries because the impact usually occurs on the side of the car, which is not very well protected. The full impact of the blow travels through the door and into the client’s body. Any time a car actually makes impact with a human body, and is not buffered by tons of steel, the results can be devastating. Just look at what happens when pedestrians or motorcycle drivers are hit by cars. Without the protection of the front or back of the car to absorb most of the impact, the two-ton car can easily kill a person. The same is true for side impact accidents, like the stop sign collision. The little door is little protection against a two-ton car traveling at high speed.

    Awarded: $80,000


    On County Road 23 in Wayne Township a 39-year-old Wooster woman was in an accident when a Wooster woman failed to stop at a stop sign. She sustained sprains and strains in the accident.

    Awarded: $60,000


    48-year-old Akron woman who suffered a nonsurgical disc herniation in a rear-end collision. Treatment included multiple trigger point injections, PT and a splint. A herniated disc injury can be very serious. The disc itself has nerves that can cause local pain. If the disc presses on one of the nerves coming off of the spinal cord, this “impingement” can damage the nerve and cause numbness and tingling down the arms or legs, depending on where the disc injury is located along the spine. If the disc is pressing on the spinal cord, serious medical complications can arise. Doctors call discs that have flattened out either bulging, protruding or herniated. There is much debate among doctors as to which term is appropriate, but they all refer to a disc that is flattened out beyond where it should be. Radiologists use MRIs to diagnose herniated discs, and they concern themselves with how large the herniation is and what functional damage it is causing, regardless of what they call it.

    It is a common misconception that if a herniated disc is not impinging on a nerve it is not serious. The pain caused inside the disc can be tremendous, and can limit activities of life greatly. Actually, unless you are a flute player or do detailed work with your hands, impingement on a nerve may not be so important to you as the unbearable pain in your neck and back caused by the herniated disc itself, aside from secondary damage to the extremities. Of course any “radiculopathy” or radiating pain into the arms or legs is serious and should be treated immediately.

    Awarded: $57,500


    A 50-year-old man from Creston was sideswiped on N. Main St. in Creston, when a Holmesville man was too far over in the lane. He suffered minor sprains and strains.

    Awarded: $42,000


    A 42-year-old Niles woman was rear-ended on US 224 in Canfield. The driver was a man from Columbus. She suffered minor knee injuries.

    Awarded: $39,500


    A Youngstown man was the passenger in a vehicle when the driver lost control and hit a pole. The 22-year-old was treated for minor sprains, strains and contusions.

    Awarded: $35,000


    An East Sparta woman was involved in an accident on Lorain Rd. in North Olmsted. The 41-year-old suffered a herniated disc when a Westlake man changed lanes striking her vehicle.

    Awarded: $35,000


    There was a three-car accident on SR 2 in Painesville involving a 40-year-old man from Geneva and a woman from Perry. He suffered sprains and contusions when the other car rear-ended his truck.

    Awarded: $35,000


    A 48-year-old man from Strongsville was rear-ended in a three-car accident on I-71 in Cleveland. A Bedford female ran into the back of him forcing him to hit another vehicle. He received multiple sprains and strains from the injury.

    Awarded: $33,000


    A 48-year-old woman from Canton was in an accident on US 62 in Plain Township. She was rear-ended when a woman from Louisville hit the car behind her driven by a man from Canton. She suffered minor sprains and strains.

    Awarded: $30,000


    A 24-year-old female from Niles was involved in an accident when a Fairlawn female failed to yield and turned in front of her. The accident occurred on US 422 in Niles, Ohio. She suffered multiple cervical sprains and strains.

    Awarded: $29,000


    A 43-year-old female from Summit County was in an accident on Ridgewood Rd. in Copley. The Bath woman was rear-ended and suffered multiple sprains and strains. In 2009, according to the ODPS, there were 81,078 accidents where a vehicle was rear-ended. Of those accidents there was a total of 32,813 injuries. Rear-impact collisions are very dangerous because the forces placed on the occupants’ neck and back are tremendous. The seat bends and flexes and creates a ramping effect that can generate shearing forces that cause severe sprain strains or worse. Here, luckily, there were no catastrophic injuries. However, even sore necks and other sprain strain injuries can take months or years to heal, with the resulting scar tissue and ligament laxity leaving lifetime stiffness or soreness, specially during exercise, in the morning, etc. Just because someone suffers a “sprain strain” injury does not mean they it is minor or that the person will always recover in a few weeks or that they will fully recover at all.

    Awarded: $28,000


    At the corner of SR252 and Spieth Rd. in York an 18-year-old female from Brunswick was involved in a two-car accident, with a man from Valley City where the other vehicle turned in front of her. After the accident she was taken to the hospital via EMS where she was treated for sprains and strains.

    Awarded: $15,000


    Our client, an elderly Michigan man, was killed when his friend lost control of the vehicle the friend was driving in Ohio. Our client left behind a loving wife and daughter. Economic damages, such as lost wages, were over $1 million. The insurance company for the party at fault fought liability and injury causation during litigation but a settlement was reached in January 2014 just before trial. Litigation co-counsel was Tom Haskins.

    Settlement: $650,000.00 – January 2014

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Located along the southeast border of Ohio, Monroe County takes its name from United States President James Monroe. Despite the fact that Monroe County covers 457 square miles, nearly 2 of which are covered in water most of the year, only 15,180 (up from 14,832 in 2007) people call Monroe County home. Thankfully, those 15,180…

Motorcycle Accidents and Brain Anatomy: How Do I Really Know If I Have Permanent Brain Damage From The Accident?

The number of motorcycles on the road have increased creating more motorcycle accidents than ever before. These motorcycle accidents are not what you would consider run of the mill accidents as a motorcycle driver has less protection during a crash. These types of accidents are catastrophic or even fatal. Victims of motorcycle accidents often have…

Neurofeedback: Training Your Brain on How to Not Feel Pain

After an Accident, Learn How to Trick Your Brain to Not Feel Pain Introduction by David Chester, founder of Chester Law Group. Motorcycle accidents or in fact any type of serious auto accident can generate a number of injuries that include brain/spinal injuries, loss of mobility and chronic pain. Severe accidents can cause lifetime disabilities…

Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Pre-trial Phase 3 of 4 of The Litigation Process

The Litigation Process – Phase Three – Pre-trial by Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer David M. Chester As I discussed in my prior articles on the litigation process we understand that personal injury claims sometimes the parties involved cannot resolve the issues without going to court or starting the litigation process. Even though litigation may be…

Columbus Car Accident Lawyer Don’t Assume Your Doctor Knows What To Do After Your Ohio Car Accident

In this article David Chester, a Columbus car accident lawyer, discusses the many ways doctors can harm an Ohio personal injury claim. Doctors Do Not Understand The vast majority of doctors are honest, hard working, caring people. However, many doctors do not have a deep understanding of the personal injury process and their role in…

Vinton County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located along the southern edge of the heart of Ohio, Vinton County is named after Congressman Samuel Finley Vinton. With only 12,806 residents, Vinton County is sparsely populated despite covering 415 square miles. Vinton County lists McArthur as its county seat, but the Ohio Department of Public Safety has no record of traffic accidents in…

What Constitutes Bad Faith By An Ohio Insurance Company?

What Constitutes Bad Faith By An Ohio Insurance Company? by David M. Chester an Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer In Ohio, the law requires insurance companies to act in “good faith” or fairly deal with their insurance policyholders when a claim is made. Many times when the insurance company acts in bad faith it is in…

What if the person who hit me was not cited for causing the collision?

Many people injured in an Ohio motor vehicle accident believe that in order to be compensated the person who hit them must have been cited by police. While a police report which indicates that the person who injured you was also cited is given the most weight by insurance companies in determining fault, it is…

Wood County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Named after American Army officer Eleazer D. Wood, Wood County is located just south of Lake Erie in northern Ohio. Home to 121,065 residents, almost half of which live in the Toledo Metropolitan area and are thus not counted by the Ohio Department of Public Safety as county residents, Wood County covers a majestic 621…

Toledo Car Accident Lawyer On How Gaps In Treatment Harm Your Claim

Do gaps in treatment harm my Ohio motor vehicle claim? Attorney David M. Chester from Chester Law Group, a Toledo car accident law firm with offices across Ohio and based in Akron, discusses below whether gaps in treatment harm your Ohio accident claim. When dealing with non-catastrophic injury claims, if the gaps in treatment are…

Athens County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in along the southeast border of Ohio, Athens County is home to just over 60,000 people. Nearly half the population of Athens County lives in the Township of Athens, which is also the county seat of Athens County. Both Athens County and the Township of Athens derive their name from the center of learning…

Auglaize County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

With nearly 47,000 residents, Auglaize County is only moderately populated. Located in the western portion of Ohio, and is named after the river that flows through the county. There are two schools of thought regarding the origin of the river and county name, with one side believing that the word is a slurred pronunciation of…

Clark County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in the heart of Ohio, Clark County is named for General George Rogers Clark. Clark County lists the Township of Springfield as its most populous township as well as its county seat. Founded in 1818, Clark County has grown from a sparsely populated region to the home of just under 80,000 residents. The vast…

Clermont County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Bordering Kentucky, Clermont County is located in the far southern section of Ohio. Some believe that Clermont County derives its name from the French words “clear mountain” despite the absence of mountains or even tall hills within the area. There are large nearby mountain ranges that may explain the name, but cast into question the…

Cleveland Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Post Accident Depression

I am Attorney David M. Chester from Chester Law Group, attorneys at law, a Cleveland car accident law firm with offices across Ohio, and today we are here to discuss post accident depression in Ohio. It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to you, but many injured Ohioans suffer from depression after their…

Defiance County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in near the far northwestern border of Ohio, Defiance County derives its name from the once-glorious military facility built at the point where the Auglaize and Maumee rivers meet. Covering approximately 414 square miles, Defiance County is home to approximately 39,500 residents and lists the Township of Defiance as its county seat and its…

Franklin County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in the heart of Ohio, Franklin County is named in honor of Benjamin Franklin. Containing part of Columbus within its borders, Franklin County has a population of well over a million residents. A little less than a third of those residents live in the various townships in Franklin County, the latest of which (by…

Geauga County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located tantalizingly close to Lake Erie in northeastern Ohio, Geauga County derives its name from the Native American word for “raccoon.” This is not surprising considering the number of raccoons that inhabit the 408 square mile county that is home to over 90,000 residents. Of those 90,0000 some-odd residents, 79,339 live in the various townships…

Greene County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Greene County is named in memory of General Nathanael Greene, and is located just southwest of central Ohio. While Greene County is home to almost 150,000 residents only 116,713 of those individuals reside in the townships located throughout the county. These statistics are fairly common for counties in and near central Ohio, despite the fact…

Hardin County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Occupying 207 square miles near the western edge of the heart of Ohio, Hardin County takes its name from an officer in the American Revolutionary War. Hardin County is home to 31,945 residents, many of which happen to live in the various townships located throughout the county. Kenton is the county seat for Hardin County,…

Highland County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

The hilly terrain in Highland County is believed to have lent the county its name, especially the topography near Little Miami and Scioto. 5 square miles of the overall 558 square miles of Highland County are covered in water most of the year, which is impressive considering the fact that Highland County is located near…

Lake County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

It is no surprise that Lake County derives its name from Lake Erie, Lake County was founded in 1840 and has seen its population grow steadily from just under 14,000 to nearly a quarter of a million residents. Of those near-quarter million residents, only 63,634 live in the various townships located throughout Lake County. It…

Lawrence County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in the southernmost tip of Ohio, Lawrence County is home to 62,319 residents. Named after USS Chesapeake commander James Lawrence, Lawrence County is comprised 457 square miles of territory, 2 of which are usually covered in water throughout the year. Being located in the southern part of Ohio does help to shelter Lawrence County…

Delaware County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Delaware County is one of the quickest growing suburban centers in the United States, and is home to well over 110,000 residents. Of those 110,000 or more residents, approximately 94,069 live in the various townships that comprise Delaware County, which happens to be named after a collective of Native American peoples that shared many characteristics…

Ashtabula County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in the very northeastern corner of Ohio, Ashtabula County is home to nearly 88,000 residents. The word Ashtabula is a literal translation of the Iroquoian phrase “river of many fish.” This particular term may have something to do with the fact that the entire northern border of Ashtabula County borders Lake Erie. Despite a…

Will My Insurance Company Raise My Rates If I Make a UM/UIM Claim For My Ohio Car Accident?

Maybe people are surprised when they find out that they have been paying extra premiums to their automobile insurer for uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) coverage. This extra coverage acts as a supplement if you are involved in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident and the person who hit you either does not have automobile insurance…

Medina County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located just northeast of the heart of Ohio, Medina County is home to over 150,000 residents. A little more than half of those residents dwell within the Greater Cleveland area, and thus are not counted as part of the populations of the townships in Medina County. The townships in Medina County have a total population…

Miami County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Although many believe that Miami County draws its name from the famous city in Florida, the word is actually a Native American word that has an English translation which is currently being disputed. What is not debatable is the fact that Miami County is located just west of the heart of Ohio, and is home…

Pickaway County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Pickaway County is located in the southern portion of central Ohio, and is named in honor of the Pekowi sub-group of Shawnee Native Americans that once lived in the area. The most populous city within Pickaway County is Scioto, with 9165 residents, while Circleville remains that county seat with approximately 2300 residents. The entire population…

Putnam County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Putnam County is located in the northwestern section of Ohio and is named after General Israel Putnam, a war hero from the famous Battle of Bunker Hill. The most populated township in Putnam County happens to be Ottawa, which also happens to be the county seat. Home to 7,961 residents, the Township of Ottawa is…

Stark County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Formed in 1808 and named after General John Stark, Stark County is located northeast of the heart of Ohio. While the population of Stark County is officially listed as 378,098, many of those residents live in areas that are considered separate and unique by the Ohio Department of Public Safety when it comes to traffic…

Dangerous to sign a medical authorization

Is it dangerous to sign a medical authorization for the insurance adjuster after my motor vehicle accident? Attorney David M. Chester from Chester Law Group, a Canton Ohio car accident law firm with offices across Ohio and based in Akron, explains the dangers of giving the insurance adjuster a general medical release after you have…

Fayette County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Fayette County is located just southwest of the very heart of Ohio, and is home to over 28,000 residents. Deriving its name from the Marquis de Lafayette, Fayette County covers 407 square miles and is surprisingly free of waterways for a county in Ohio. Fayette County is also unique in that it lists the Washington…

Who pays your medical bills after a car accident?

Author David Chester Ohio Car Accident Lawyer As any competent Ohio personal injury lawyer knows, many people who are injured in a motor vehicle accident are fortunate to have options in deciding who will pay for their medical bills. One option would be if you are covered by health insurance (i.e. a private health plan,…

Cleveland car crash statistics

In 2009, 1,028 people lost their lives to traffic accidents on Ohio roads. Complete accident statistics for 2009 are not available yet; these 2008 statistics come from the Ohio Department of Public Safety. All Crashes: Number of traffic accidents: 320,876 Number of persons injured in traffic accidents: 112,404 Number of traffic deaths: 1,191 Types of…

What are the most common car crash injuries

Injuries sustained in car crashes range from cuts and bruises, to broken bones to whiplash, to internal injuries, spinal cord injuries or head injuries. The types of injuries sustained depend on the type of crash, the speed involved, whether or not the victim was wearing a seatbelt, the speed of the vehicle, the safety features…

Low population, high risk: Why Ohios rural roads pose unique dangers

On the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s 2009 map of fatal vehicle crashes, collisions are marked with various shapes indicating the number of people who died in the accident. Those little stars, squares, and circles are spread just about evenly across our state, a grim illustration of the fact that Ohio’s cities aren’t the only places…

How is fault for an Ohio auto accident determined?

This article was authored by David Chester Ohio car accident lawyer. When someone causes you injuries as a result of an auto accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident, you must prove that the other person was negligent, meaning that he or she has operated a vehicle in a careless and unsafe manner. What is meant…

Darke County Ohio car crash statistics

Located along the western border of Ohio, Darke County is home to over 53,000 residents and lists the Township of Greenville as its most populous city and its county seat. Named for military officer William Darke, Darke County spans 600 square miles and is almost completely water-free. Given Ohio’s proximity to the great lakes, Lake…

Toyota Recalls

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) fined Toyota over sixteen million dollars for not warning the government and the public about potential safety issues affecting Toyota vehicles. Since November 2009, Toyota has recalled more than nine million vehicles for problems ranging from sticky accelerators to computer system glitches to cable corrosion and brake…

Truck Accidents Caused by Re-tread Tires and Other Tire Failures

One of the most common causes of semi-truck accidents is tire failure. An experienced truck accident attorney has seen many cases where tire failure has led to horrific and tragic accidents. Many of these accidents might have been prevented, especially if the trucker had inspected the tires prior to embarking on his or her next…

Will prior injuries hurt my claim?

Should I tell my lawyer about prior accidents and injuries? In this article David M. Chester, a Wooster car accident lawyer and founder of Chester Law Group Co., LPA, explains the importance of telling your attorney about all of your previous accidents and injuries. Attorney Chester goes on to say, most people think that prior…

I was injured in an Akron car crash while I was driving a relative’s car. Whose insurance policy am I covered under?

Ohio is an “at-fault” state. This means that the insurance company of the driver who caused the wreck pays. If you caused an Ohio traffic accident while driving someone else’s car, both your own insurance policy and the insurance policy of the owner may be responsible for paying damages. Your injuries and your responsibility for…

What You Need to Know About Car Accident Insurance Settlements

Car accident settlements are as unique as the person who is injured – no two are exactly alike. An accident settlement varies depending on many different factors, from the kind of injuries a person sustains, damages to the vehicle, medical costs, to even the mood of the insurance claims adjuster the day he looks over…

Understanding Brain Injury Scans After an Accident

There is no doubt that motorcycle, car and truck accidents will affect many areas of the body. Head, neck, and back injuries are amongst the most common, but these accidents can affect internal organs and limbs as well. Head and neck injuries also known as traumatic brain injury (TBI) results in serious consequences. Brain injury…

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