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Primary and Secondary Traumatic Brain Damage from Ohio Brain Injuries

Motorcycle accidents quite often generate traumatic brain injuries (TBI). TBI is classified as primary and secondary injury. Primary injury occurs right after your accident and secondary comes into play hours, days to months later. If your TBI is severe, you will have permanent brain damage and could possibly pass away. Permanent brain damage will require […]

Traumatic Brain Injury: Why You Need an Ohio Brain Injury Lawyer

When someone is involved in a serious car, truck or motorcycle accident, brain injury is a very real possibility. TBI often involves damage to different areas of the brain that generates long-term disabilities and in some cases, death. The complexity of brain anatomy makes TBI difficult to diagnose and repair. Due to this, if you […]

Brain Injury and Brain Scans after Accidents in Ohio

A brain injury often occurs following motorcycle, truck and car accidents in Ohio. This can result in permanent brain damage for the accident victim. This is why it is important to have a brain scan done as soon as possible after your accident. There are 3 main types of scans available, which include CT scans, […]

Should I Get a Pain Pump for My Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment in Ohio?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is very common with truck, motorcycle, and car accidents. TBI often involves damage to different areas of the brain that generate long-term disabilities and in some cases, pain and even death. Although you may go to the hospital after your Ohio car accident, the complexity of brain anatomy makes it difficult […]

Catheter ablation on the left ventricle may lead to brain injury

When you are watching television, have you ever heard an ad for a prescription drug and wondered why someone would take it after hearing all of the side effects that are possible? In some cases, the benefits of the treatment far outweigh the negative side effects. Some people who get a non-medication treatment for an […]

High school sports injuries highlighted in newly released study

Sports are a big part of growing up for some children. Parents might be shocked to hear the results of a new study that was recently released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study looked into deaths that were caused by traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries in high school athletes. […]

Compensation can help with care after a brain injury

There are many different ways that a brain injury can affect the victim. These effects can also have an impact on the victim’s loved ones. If you recall our blog post last week, we discussed how mood and personality can change after a brain injury. That can make a loved one seem like a totally […]

Mood and personality can change after a brain injury

One of the hardest things for family members to come to grips with after a brain injury is that their loved one just doesn’t seem like the same person anymore. He or she may struggle to control strong emotions. Every day may feel like a roller coaster. In some cases, there will be sudden outbursts. […]

A traumatic brain injury may not appear bad at first

With some traumatic brain injuries, it’s very obvious that people have been injured. They lose consciousness, they have trouble speaking, and they show other clear physical signs. However, it’s important to remember that not all TBIs look the same, and some may not come with the normal set of signs. Take, for example, the case […]

What are the different types of traumatic brain injury?

It is easy to believe that all traumatic brain injuries are the same, but this is not true. While all of these are serious, there are many different types. These injuries are categorized as either open or closed. Regardless of the type or extent, a traumatic brain injury is caused by external force, such as […]

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