What You Should Know About Motor Vehicle Injury Claims (DVD)

In his new DVD titled — "What You Should Know About Motor Vehicle Injury Claims," attorney David M. Chester explains to all injured Ohioans, in simple to understand language, how the personal injury claim process in Ohio works. After discussing his personal story of why he became a personal injury lawyer, attorney Chester, along with fellow attorney Vincent Kloss, discusses in detail the key players in the Ohio car and truck accident "game," including:

  • The auto/truck insurance company
  • The medical providers who provide accident-related care
  • Private and government health insurance that may have paid for accident-related care and want their money back
  • The Ohio personal injury lawyer

In this helpful and easy to understand video format, attorney Chester explains the important role that an experienced Ohio car and truck accident attorney plays in protecting the rights of injured Ohioans, and answers the most commonly asked questions that clients have asked him over the years.

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