Wrongful Death Cases and Brain Injury in Ohio

Wrongful Death Attorney in Ohio

If you have had a loved one who has been killed in a truck, car, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident, you need to contract a wrongful death lawyer to get legal assistance right away. Your Ohio wrongful death lawyer will be experienced in these types of cases and can help guide you through these difficult times. If you believe you have a wrongful death case, contact the Chester Law Group of Ohio today to discuss your legal options.

How Can an Ohio Lawyer Help My Wrongful Death Case?

You and your family may be victims of a wrongful death due to a truck, motorcycle, car or pedestrian accident. Many of these accidents result in a serious brain injury where death is inevitable. You have probably found yourselves in an emotional and financially difficult situation and need legal assistance. Cases involving wrongful death require an experienced wrongful death lawyer to help guide you through all the trials and tribulations of the law. Your wrongful death lawyer will:

  • Closely investigate the cause of the death of your loved one.
  • Can negotiate with the insurance companies.
  • If negotiations are not reasonable with the insurance companies, then the Wrongful death lawyer can bring your case to trial and present before a jury what the magnitude of your losses are.
  • Bring your claim to court within a timely and efficient manner.

You will need to secure an Ohio wrongful death lawyer with a legal firm that has tried many cases with a high success rate. Contact the law firm of the Chester Law Group in Ohio for legal advice in wrongful death cases involving truck, car, motorcycle, and pedestrian cases. The Chester Law Group can find out what your legal rights are. Your wrongful death lawyer is well informed and can easily assess whether you qualify for a wrongful death settlement. They will take the time necessary to bring you through the legal process to ensure your success.

Traumatic Brain Injuries That Lead to Wrongful Death Cases in Ohio

Wrongful Death Attorney in Ohio

A traumatic brain injury could lead to the wrongful death of a loved one in Ohio. Contact Chester Law Group today.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) often occurs with accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians. The very delicate brain tissue can easy be bruised, skull bone fractured and blood vessels broken. With severe brain trauma, the accident victim may be pronounced dead on the site. Others will be sent to the emergency room by way of the paramedics for immediate attention. There are a number of hemorrhage forms that warrant immediate diagnosing that include:

General brain hemorrhages – These are known as cerebral or intracranial bleeding that occurs from damaged blood vessels leaking blood into brain tissue.  This type of hemorrhage can develop immediately upon impact or can develop hours to days later.

Infarction – This is the medical term for stroke and occurs when an artery becomes compressed by swelling of surrounding tissue that has been bruised from the accident.  An infarction prevents blood flow to areas of the brain down the way.  This prevents oxygen and nutrients from getting to neurons which can cause neuronal cell death within 2 to 4 minutes. Neurons require oxygen at all times. Most traumatic brain injuries damage the posterior cerebral artery that provides blood/oxygen to the occipital lobe (vision cortex) and temporal lobes (language cortex). Needless to say, the behavior deficits will involve vision and language dysfunction.

Hematomas –  A hematoma is a pocket or localized collection of blood usually in liquid form within a tissue in this case the brain. There are 3 general types of hematomas known as subdural, epidural and subarachnoid. A subdural hematoma is a blood pocket that is outside the brain just beneath the outer connective tissue covering of the brain known as the dura mater.  If it is excessive, the blood pocket may have to be removed surgically to relieve pressure on the brain. A subdural hematoma often involves a large vein. An epidural hematoma is a blood pocket on the surface of the dura mater and usually involves an artery that is leaking. You need immediate surgery to remove an epidural hematoma as the increase in brain pressure may cause death quickly. A subarachnoid hemorrhage is bleeding found in another connective tissue covering the brain below the dura and refers to a small amount of bleeding that spreads thinly over the surface of the brain proper and generally is not as serious as a subdura or epidura pocket.

Although hemorrhages can occur immediately, this is not always the case. Bleeding complications can occur months after the initial injury. There are other areas of the brain known as the ventricles which are reservoirs of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that can build up pressure. CSF is constantly made by the brain and reabsorbed into the bloodstream.  Traumatic brain injury can disrupt this process. If too much CSF builds up, pressure builds up generating what is called hydrocephalus (water on the brain). This pressure increase causes the brain to function abnormally. Consider the fact that the brain is inclosed by the cranium which is bone so there is no extra room for fluids to accumulate inside.  The soft tissue of the brain will become distorted and squashed under increases in pressure whether by CSF fluid or bleeding.

Consult with a Wrongful Death Attorney in Ohio Today

If you have a loved one who has died after a motorcycle, car or truck accident, you may be entitled to bring legal action for wrongful death against those responsible. The wrongful death lawyers at the Chester Law Group of Ohio can help you with a wrongful death settlement. Your wrongful death lawyer can guide you through the necessary steps to get the compensation you deserve.

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