SUV Strikes Objects and Injures 18 Y-O Driver in Scioto, OH

City: Valley, Ohio
County: Scioto, Ohio
Date of Accident: October 6, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2002 Ford Explorer 4

Ace Auto towed a 2002 Ford Explorer SUV that was involved in an accident, which saw an 18-year-old woman, of Lucasville, Ohio, receiving injuries and being transported by Valley Township EMS to SOMC on October 6, 2013 at 7:14 pm. Reports from the OSHP are that the woman was driving the SUV north on County Route 25, when it allegedly went off the left side of the roadway. It went off the right side and struck a guy wire and a utility pole before it overturned. She was charged with operating her vehicle without reasonable control.

Accidents which were as a result of other improper actions were 527 which caused injuries. Valley, Scioto, Ohio, had a population of 4,256 in 2012 and had a total of 38 injury crashes, which resulted in 60 injuries. Accidents that caused injuries and involved utility poles were 1,619. The accidents that involved other post or pole or support amounted to 311 which caused injuries. Those accidents, which occurred when the time was wet, amounted to 13,826 injury crashes. The total accidents which occurred in the rain were 25,342 with 6,618 which caused injuries.

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