Two Women Injured in Mahoning, Ohio, Crash

City: Springfield, Ohio
County: Mahoning, Ohio
Date of Accident: September 1, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 1987 Honda C11

A motorist who was operating his vehicle in a negligent manner was allegedly the cause of a crash that occurred in Springfield, Mahoning, Ohio, that resulted in injuries for a 45 year old man. Police theorized that the man was driving a 1987 Honda C11 motorcycle, west on the Ohio Turnpike at Mile Post 237.2 and exited into Mahoning Valley Plaza. While he was on the deceleration ramp, the motorcycle struck the curb. It them overturned onto its right side, slid and rested on the ramp. He was charged for three offenses. The driver was treated at the scene and Jeswald’s towed the motorcycle.

While accidents which were solved in 2010 stood at 2,756 of a total of 12,810 which caused injuries. In 2011, Springfield, Mahoning, Ohio, whose population was 6,054, suffered a total of 40 injury crashes, with 62, which resulted in injuries. Motorcycle accidents were 3,430 which resulted in injuries in 2010. Accidents, which occurred when it was cloudy, were 18,575 which resulted in injuries. Accidents which involved a curb amounted to 588 that resulted in injuries.

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