4 Injured as Pontiac Crashes into Tree in Monroe, OH

City: Green, Ohio
County: Monroe, Ohio
Date of Accident: September 1, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2001 Pontiac Grand Am

Four people were taken to area hospitals on September 1, 2013 at approximately 2:45 am for injuries they sustained as a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am sub-compact car struck a tree in Green, Monroe, Ohio. According to reports from the OSHP, an 18 year old youth was driving the car, west on County Road 9A, when it allegedly went off the roadway and struck a tree. Woodsfield EMS transported all four occupants to the county hospital. A & S towed the car.

Vehicles that were involved in accidents, which the drivers failed to control, amounted to 10,478 which caused injuries. In 2011, Green, Monroe, Ohio had a total of 422 residents. There was only 1 injury crash that resulted in 1 injury. Accidents which occurred outside the traffic way amounted to 2,455 which resulted in injuries. Accidents that occurred on wet roads in 2011 amounted to 18,544 that resulted in injuries. Sub compact vehicles which were involved in injury crashes in 2010 amounted to 1,120. The accident involved a tree, in Ohio in 2010; there were 1,483 accidents which involved a tree which resulted in injuries.

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