1 Killed, 1 Injured in Wood, OH, Motorcycle Crash

City: Weston
County: Wood, Ohio
Date of Accident: September 19, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Cycle Accident – 1975 Harley Davidson

A 62 year old man lost his life, while a 50 year old woman sustained injuries in a crash that occurred in Weston, Wood, Ohio, on September 19, 2013 at approximately 5:38 pm. According to reports from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the man, Robert J. Theis of Bells, Texas, was driving a 1975 Harley Davidson motorcycle west on Federal Highway 6, when the motorcycle allegedly struck a railroad crossing gate and he lost control. It rested in a field north of the highway. The driver was killed and transported by Weston EMS to Lucas County Coroner, while a 50 year old female pillion rider, Donnette S. Powers of Weston, Ohio, was also transported by Weston EMS but to Wood County. Orr’s Sunoco towed the motorcycle.

Accidents which was solved in 2010 stood at 9,829 of a total of 12,810 which caused fatalities. In Weston, Wood, Ohio, whose population was 1,659 in 2011, there were 0 fatal crashes of 7 and 2 injury crashes, which resulted in 3 injuries. Crashes that occurred when it was dark not lighted were 479. Motorcycle accidents were 3,430 which resulted in injuries in 2010. The accidents that involved other post or pole or support amounted to 311 which caused injuries. In the category of traffic controls of unit in error in all crashes, the accidents that involved railroad gates amounted to 0 of 138 which caused fatalities.

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