1 Killed, 1 Injured in SR 201 Crash in Miami, OH

City: Elizabeth, Ohio
County: Miami, Ohio
Date of Accident: September 5, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2011 Volkswagen Golf / 1995 Ford Ranger

A car collided with a pickup on State Route 201 in Elizabeth, Miami, Ohio and resulted in fatal injuries for a 65 year old woman, Marsha L. Croft of Vandalia, Ohio, and injuries for a 19 year old man, Kyle E. Magato. Reports from the Miami County Sheriff are that the young man was driving a 1995 Ford Ranger pickup south on State Route 201, while Croft was driving a 2011 VW Golf compact car east on Walnut Grove Road. The driver of the VW allegedly pulled into the path of the pickup and was struck in the driver’s door.

Walls and buildings that were involved in crashes amounted to 0 in 2011 in Ohio. In 2010, Elizabeth, Miami, Ohio, had a population of 1,620 residents; they suffered 0 fatal crashes of 31 and 5 injury crashes that resulted in 9 injuries. Accidents that occurred in 2010 which involved drivers’ failure to yield accounted for 12,165, while those, which were angle crashes, were 21,458, which resulted in injuries in 2010. Those which involved a ditch were 45 which resulted in fatalities. Stop signs were a contributing factor in 7,331 injury crashes in Ohio in 2010.

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