Elderly Couple Killed as Buick Strikes Ditch in Fayette, OH

City: Jefferson Township, Ohio
County: Fayette, Ohio
Date of Accident: August 16, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2004 Buick Lesaber

A fatal crash occurred on Federal Highway 35 in Jefferson Township, Fayette, Ohio, on August 16, 2013 at approximately 7:22 pm, which resulted in an elderly couple being killed. According to reports supplied by the OHSP, a 2004 Chrysler Lesabre midsize car was being driven by the man, 84 year old Edward T Winkler of Howard, Ohio, east on Old Federal Highway 35, when he allegedly failed stop at a stop sign at Old Federal Highway and Federal Highway 35. The car continued through the intersection and struck a ditch before it went airborne. The car then traveled over a barrier fence and through a bean field before it rested north of the barrier fence. The woman, 86 year old Ruth V. Winkler was killed. Care flight transported the man to Miami Valley Hospital and Morrow EMS transported the woman to Montgomery City. Tenn-River Parrish towed the car.

Those which involved a ditch were 45 which resulted in fatalities. In 2011, Jefferson Township, Fayette, Ohio, whose population was 2,766 suffered 0 fatal crashes of 109. In Ohio in 2010, there were approximately 47 fatal accidents, which occurred outside the traffic way. In Ohio in 2010, accidents, which occurred and were not a collision of two vehicles in transport amounted to 508 for fatalities. Accidents in which the vehicle caught fire/exploded were a total of 27 which caused injuries. Accidents, which resulted in injuries and involved other fixed objects were at 614 in 2010.

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