Camry/Cruiser Accident Fatally Injures 56 Y-O Woman in Hamilton OH

City: Colerain, Ohio
County: Hamilton, Ohio
Date of Accident: August 12, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2013 Toyota Camry / Chevrolet Cruiser

A 56-year-old woman of Cincinnati, Ohio, Valentina Gikham lost her life in an accident the occurred in Colerain, Hamilton, Ohio on August 12, 2013, at approximately 7:44 am. Reports from the Colerain Township Police Department are that a 62-year-old man, Yevsey Gikham, also of Cincinnati, Ohio, was driving a 2013 Toyota Camry midsize car west on Interstate Route 275 in the center of three lanes while heavy traffic was slowing to a stop. A 2011 Chevy Cruiser was partially in the left lane, disabled from a prior accident that had occurred earlier. The driver of the Camry allegedly switched lanes and, failing to see the Chevy, struck it in the right rear. The man was not injured, neither was the driver of the Chevy, 48-year-old Brenda S. Rucker of Colerain, Ohio. Hamilton Coroner transported the woman to HCC for fatal injuries.

Mid-size vehicles that were involved in accidents in 2010 were 42,206 of 161,361, which caused injuries. In 2011, Colerain, Hamilton Ohio whose population was 60,144 suffered 3 fatal crashes of 1,847. In the category of probable causes of crashes by contributing circumstances, there were 18,889 injury crashes that were caused because of drivers who failed to keep an assured clear distance ahead/ACDA. Those accidents that involved guardrail faces were 1,207 which resulted in injuries, in the category of first harmful event in a unit of error. Accidents that were rear-end crashes in 2011 were 22,056 of 81,986 in Ohio.

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