2012 Toyota Strikes Sign, Tree and Injures Youth in Cuyahoga OH

City: Cleveland Metroparks, Ohio
County: Cuyahoga, Ohio
Date of Accident: August 10, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2012 Toyota Corolla

Saturday August 10, 2013 at approximately 10:21 pm signaled the occurrence of a crash that caused injuries to a 19 year old youth of Olmstead, Ohio, Basam M. Muntaser. According to reports from the OHSP, an 18 year old youth, Midhat Anise Kordab was driving a 2012 Toyota Corolla midsize car, south on Valley Parkway, just north of Spafford Road. The driver alleged that a deer jumped out in front of his car and cause him to go left of the center and left of the roadway. The car struck a sign and a tree. Muntaser was taken by Brook Park EMS to Southwest General. Two other occupants, Mahmoud R. Mustafa and Jaleel Shabazz, both 18 years old were not injured. Charlie’s towed the car.

Vehicles that were involved in accidents which the drivers failed to control amounted to 10,478 which caused injuries. Cleveland Metro parks, Cuyahoga, Ohio, had a population of 1,401,873 residents in 2011; they suffered 30 injury crashes that resulted in 42 injuries. Mid size, vehicles that were involved in accidents in 2011 were 41,253 of a total of 158,786, which caused injuries. Drivers drove left of the center of the road in 2010 in 1,541 injury crashes. There were 370 accidents, which involved traffic signpost in the category of first harmful event in unit of error and resulted in injuries.

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