23 Year Old Woman Killed in Union, Ohio Motorcycle Crash

City: Marysville, Ohio
County: Union, Ohio
Date of Accident: June 18, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2012 Honda Motorcycle

A 23-year-old woman of West Mansfield, Ohio, who was driving a 2012 Honda motorcycle, was killed in a crash that occurred in Marysville, Union, Ohio on June 18, 2013 at approximately 9:41 pm. Marysville Police Department reported that the woman was driving her motorcycle, allegedly at high speed, west on Coleman’s Crossing Boulevard. She allegedly lost control of the motorcycle and hit the curb then careened into a parked motor vehicle. The motorcycle separated into two main pieces that went into different locations. The driver was trapped beneath the motorcycle and died at the scene. Kare Medical transported her to the Franklin County Morgue. Northland towed the motorcycle.

Crashes that were caused by drivers traveling at unsafe speed last year were 4, 778 that caused injuries. In 2011, Marysville, Union Ohio had 15,942 residents. There were 0 fatal crashes, of 383. Accidents that occurred and resulted in injuries when it was cloudy amounted to 19,791. In Ohio in 2010, accidents, which occurred on shoulder, amounted to 9,141, of which 2,371 resulted in injuries. There were 1,219 accidents in 2010 in which drivers were operating their vehicles in an erratic manner which resulted in injuries. The frequency at which accidents occurred and involved parked vehicle were 187 or 24.9% in 2010.

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