Truck Crashes in Coshocton, Ohio, No Injuries Reported

City: West Lafayette, Ohio
County: Coshocton, Ohio
Date of Accident: May 28, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2013 Tractor-Semi

On May 28, 2013 at approximately 4:30 pm in West Lafayette, Ohio, A 62-year-old man of Temple , MD, Allen James Harrell, who was driving a 2013 Tractor-Semi Trailer and turned right onto State Route 751 from State Route 93 escaped serious injuries when the vehicle allegedly went off the right side of the roadway. It went across the white fog line and struck the stop sign and the West Lafayette Branch Library Sign. The tractor was registered to DM Bowman Trucking.

Those which involved tractor/semi-trailers amounted to 7,178 which resulted in property damage. In West Lafayette, Coshocton Ohio, in 2011 there was only 1 injury crash that resulted in 1 injury. The population of West Lafayette in 2011 was 2,313. Accidents which occurred on the shoulder were 2,371 which caused injuries and 6,596 which resulted in property damage. In Ohio in 2010, those accidents which involved improper lane change were 14,174 which caused property damage. There were 221,296 accidents which resulted in property damage only in all of Ohio in 2010.

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