Man/Child Injured in Adams, Ohio Head On Crash

City: Liberty, Ohio
County: Adams, Ohio
Date of Accident: May 4, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 1995 GMC C150 / 1997 Ford F350

A head on crash occurred in Liberty, Adams , Ohio and resulted in injuries for a 35 year old man of West Union, Ohio, and a 7 year old boy, Hunter Brown who was an occupant of a 1997 Ford F350 pickup that was involved. Reports from the ODPS are that the man was driving a 1995 GMC C150 pickup, west on Ebrite Road, when the 31 year old driver of the Ford pickup, David G. Brown, also of West Union, Ohio, was headed east on the same road. The driver of the GMC pickup was allegedly driving his vehicle left of the center of the road and struck the Ford pickup head on. The driver of the Ford pickup then continued off the left side of the roadway and struck an embankment before coming to rest. The injured man was treated at the scene and Adams County Regional treated the boy. A third occupant of the Ford pickup, 4 year old Caleb Brown was not injured. The driver of the GMC pickup was cited and the vehicle was towed privately, while Semple towed the Ford pickup.

Head-on collisions are very dangerous because the forces involved in the collision often lead to catastrophic injuries and even death. Head-on collisions which occurred in Ohio in 2010 amounted to 3,096 that resulted in injuries. Liberty, Adams, Ohio, had a population of 1,816 in 2011. Total amount of injury crashes were 24, with 35 that resulted in injuries. Accidents that were not a collision of two vehicles in transport were 22,448 in 2011. There were 1,541 injury crashes in which drivers drove left of the center of the road in 2010. Accidents which involved pickup trucks in 2010 were 14,862 which caused injuries.

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