71 Year Old Woman Injured in Rear End Crash in Highland, Ohio

City: Penn, Ohio
County: Highland, Ohio
Date of Accident: April 15, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 1999 Mercury Grand Am / 2002 Buick Center

A motor vehicle rear end crash that caused injuries to a 71-year-old woman, Beverly Clifford of Hillsboro, Ohio, occurred in Penn, Highland, Ohio, on April 15, 2013. Police reports state that at approximately 5:12 pm, a 21 year old man was driving a 1999 Mercury Grand Am midsize car north on federal Highway 62, with the woman driving a 2002 Buick Center midsize car behind it. The driver of the Mercury allegedly struck the rear of the Buick as it slowed to make a right turn. The youth was charged and the woman treated at the scene. T & G towed the car.

In the category of probable causes of crashes by contributing circumstances, there were 18,889 injury crashes that were caused because of drivers who failed to keep an assured clear distance ahead/ACDA. Those accidents, which occurred in Penn, Highland, Ohio, were 10 injury crashes, which resulted in 17 injuries. Penn had a population of 1,055 in 2011. Rear end crashes in 2011 were 22,056 that resulted in injuries. Mid size, vehicles that were involved in accidents in 2011 were 41,253 of 158,786, which caused injuries. Accidents which occurred on the roadway amounted to 59,706 which resulted in injuries.

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