Delaware County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Delaware County is one of the quickest growing suburban centers in the United States, and is home to well over 110,000 residents. Of those 110,000 or more residents, approximately 94,069 live in the various townships that comprise Delaware County, which happens to be named after a collective of Native American peoples that shared many characteristics and cultural traits. Occupying 456 square miles in the very heart of Ohio, Delaware County is poised for explosive growth. Unfortunately, explosive population growth may mean adding to the comparatively low number of annual traffic accidents experienced in Delaware County.

Delaware County recorded a grand total of 2,327 traffic accidents in 2007 along with 8 traffic-related fatalities, and another 2,336 traffic accidents in 2008. Despite the very steady traffic accident rate between 2007 and 2008, the number of traffic fatalities in 2008 was twice that of the previous year, for a total of 16 deaths caused by 12 separate accidents. Surprisingly, the alcohol-related traffic accident statistics in Delaware County are similarly stable with 2007 seeing a total of 111 alcohol-related traffic accidents and 4 fatalities followed by 112 and 3 respectively in 2008.

The townships in Delaware County that reported at least 100 traffic accidents in 2007 included: Orange with 531, Liberty with 363, Berkshire with 240, Genoa with 195, Scioto with 131, and Kingston with 118. The number of townships in Delaware County in 2008 that met the 100+ traffic accident condition include the exact same top-4 plus a few new townships: Orange with 582, Liberty with 401, Berkshire with 245, Genoa with 201, Concord with 120, and Kingston with 110. The fact that Orange, Liberty, Berkshire, and Genoa ranked the exact same both years would suggest that these townships are inherently dangerous places for motorists for one reason or another.

Oddly enough Orange, Liberty, and Genoa are all townships with five-digit populations, but the Township of Berkshire is home to only 2,251 residents. This marks the Township of Berkshire as one of the most dangerous population centers for motorists in Ohio on a per capita basis. With more than 1 traffic accident per year for every 10 people, and a pair of traffic fatalities in 2007 plus another 2008, it would be advisable to avoid traveling through the township of Berkshire if at all possible.

The Township of Orange is also peculiar because it recorded the most unknown and/or unattributable crashes in 2007 with a total of 5, and was tied with Berlin in 2008 for the same dubious honor. During the years of 2007 and 2008, approximately a third of all of the unexplained traffic accidents in Delaware County occurred in the Township of Orange. With 12,464 residents, these figures are well above the county average.

The Township of Delaware is actually surprisingly safe for motorists, with only 52 traffic accidents and 2 deaths on record in 2007 and 83 traffic accidents on record in 2008. For a township with 26,149 residents, these are very impressive figures. When measured against the Township of Berkshire on a per capita basis, the difference is nothing short of amazing.

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