Columbus Car Accident Lawyer Don’t Assume Your Doctor Knows What To Do After Your Ohio Car Accident

In this article David Chester, a Columbus car accident lawyer, discusses the many ways doctors can harm an Ohio personal injury claim.

Doctors Do Not Understand

The vast majority of doctors are honest, hard working, caring people. However, many doctors do not have a deep understanding of the personal injury process and their role in it. How can they, they are not taught this in medical school.

Doctors Do Not Want To Get Involved

They are concerned they will have to testify, and many do not want to get involved. Some even refuse to see patients for motor vehicle accidents.

Doctors Are Not Train In Proper Document Filing

Most doctors are not trained to document files in a way that covers all the issues that insurance companies and their claim evaluation computers look for to evaluate a personal injury claim. For many doctors, the lingo used by the auto insurance companies is like French. They do not understand it. Add to it the complexities of the interrelationship between law and medicine, and it is no wonder that many accident claims settle for peanuts or end up in court. In my opinion, it is important to discuss with your doctor if he or she is familiar with the personal injury process, just like you would ask him or her if they are familiar with the procedure for properly billing medical mutual, Medicaid, or Medicare.

You should also discuss if your family doctor will testify in court for you if necessary. If they are not willing to back up their medical diagnosis in court, this can be a big problem. If you get the feeling that your doctor would rather not be bothered with treating you and documenting your personal injury case, the resulting documentation could reduce the value of your claim. In my experience, in general, it is hard for a doctor to diagnose all of your injuries in an average 7 minute doctor’s visit.

Documented Medical Evidence Is Key To Your Case

The way your claim is evaluated and the worth it is given all depends on your medical records. It is called “documented medical evidence” in the personal injury field. The insurance company looks for key information such as how you were injured, the type of injuries, your complaints, the doctor’s findings, and what type of treatment you received. The settlement they offer you is based on this critical information. If it’s not in the medical records, in the insurance company’s eyes, it never happened. Doctors should be putting most of this information in their SOAP notes, but in my experience few do a comprehensive job. How can they in 7 minutes?

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