Ashtabula County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in the very northeastern corner of Ohio, Ashtabula County is home to nearly 88,000 residents. The word Ashtabula is a literal translation of the Iroquoian phrase “river of many fish.” This particular term may have something to do with the fact that the entire northern border of Ashtabula County borders Lake Erie.

Despite a healthy population approaching the 90,000 resident-mark, there were only 1,478 traffic accidents reported in 2007 and 1,507 in 2008. Even more impressive, a mere 17 total traffic related fatalities were reported in 2007, and only 14 in 2008. Overall, it is safe to say that Ashtabula County is a comparatively safe place for motorists in Ohio.

The cities with the most crashes in 2007 included the Township of Ashtabula with 208, the Township of Saybrook with 145, the Township of Plymouth with 114, the Township of Austinburg with 104, and the Township of Harpersfield with 102. While it is not surprising to see the Township of Ashtabula lead these statistics due to its comparatively high population of over 23,000, Austinburg, Harpersfield, and Plymouth all have populations in the low to mid-2000s range. Even Saybrook had a higher than average number of accidents on a per capita basis in 2007, considering its population of approximately 10,000.

Looking at the 2008 total crash statistics for Ashtabula County reveals that the same four townships are again posting 100+ annual traffic accidents and are joined by a newcomer as well: the Township of Ashtabula with 207, the Township of Saybrook with 130, the Township of Austinburg with 122, the Township of Plymouth with 111, the Township of Jefferson with 104, and the Township of Harpersfield with 101. Despite not appearing on the list for 2008, Cherry Hill and Windsor townships had three and two traffic related fatalities respectively, barely trailing the Township of Austinburg. Oddly enough, Cherry Hill has roughly one third as many residents as the Township of Austinburg.

2007 saw Austinburg tied with Wayne for the second most traffic-related fatalities with two a piece, and the following townships also reporting a single traffic fatality each: Colebrook, Denmark, Kingsville, Monroe, Morgan, Pierpoint, Saybrook Trumbull, Williamsfield, and Windsor. The dubious distinction of the most traffic related fatalities in Ashtabula County during 2007 went to the Township of Harpersfield.

Safer townships within Ashtabula County during 2007 were: Denmark, Richmond, Wayne, and Williamsfield. These townships all suffered less than 20 total traffic accidents in 2007, yet two of them also suffered a fatality. This leaves the Township of Richmond and the Township of Wayne as statistically safer places for motorists in Ashtabula County until one figures in their relatively low populations of 937 and 653 respectively. While both counties remained relatively safe in 2008, Wayne had a grand total of only 8 traffic accidents the entire year. In 2008, Ashtabula County had a grand total of 62 alcohol related traffic accidents yet not a single alcohol-related accident resulted in a fatality. There were 48 alcohol related traffic accidents reported in Ashtabula County in 2007, again no one of them fatal. Overall, Ashtabula County is a safe place for motorists, and it is difficult not to draw a connection between the low number of alcohol-related traffic accidents and overall safe roads.

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