COVID-19 Update From Chester Law Group

With all of the new events coming out on the coronavirus, we want to take a moment and address our clients, so you are aware of how we are currently handling the situation and how that, in turn, affects your case.

First and foremost, we know that we have a responsibility to everyone, coworkers, clients, and society, to be safe.  Within our offices, we are taking precautions for both the safety of our staff and to ensure the continuity of operations for our clients. Our staff is prepared and equipped to be fully operational via telecommuting. As our team transitions to remote work, we recommend the best and easiest way to get in contact with your legal team is via phone. You are always able to call our main line at 1-800-218-4243.

As this situation continues to rapidly evolve, we are being as proactive as possible to prepare for whatever changes may arise over the coming days, weeks, or longer.  We are in contact with courts, defense counsel, and insurance adjusters to monitor any major changes that are critical to your case.

For now, we are moving forward as usual but with an even greater sense of consideration for people and the environment around us as well as heightened flexibility for any clients that may require it.  We are here for you and open to any questions you may have for us.

You have chosen a law firm full of very compassionate and talented people, and these are times where we hope you feel confident that we are here, prepared to go above and beyond to look out for you and the trust you have placed in us.  It is also times like this that you should feel confident that you have chosen a law firm with strong financial stability and resources to weather this storm.

PLEASE, call 1-800-218-4243 if you have any questions or concerns.  If we hear anything from courts, defense counsel, and/or insurance adjusters regarding issues that could affect your specific case, we will address those issues individually.

I appreciate you and your trust and faith in Chester Law Group. Stay healthy and safe.

David M. Chester