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Ohio woman shot and killed after car accident

One woman in Ohio has died after being involved in a car accident. Though she initially survived the crash, she was shot by the driver who allegedly caused the accident. She was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries and pronounced dead. According to reports, the woman was driving through an intersection when a 29-year-old […]

Poor handwriting can lead to medication errors

If the pharmacy gives you the wrong medication, it could be due to an error on their end, but some studies have shown that the fault may actually lie with your doctor. If he or she has very poor handwriting, the pharmacy could inadvertently give you the wrong medication — or the wrong amount — […]

Highway accidents are all too common

As you make your way through the state of Ohio, there is a good chance that you will find yourself on a highway at some point. As you drive down the road, often in excess of 70 miles per hour, don’t be surprised if you come across an accident scene. Unfortunately, highway accidents are all […]

What are the many causes of driver fatigue?

Most people are aware of the fact that driver fatigue is a big deal. Even so, there are people out there, such as some truck drivers, who will get behind the wheel when they are not in condition to do so. By understanding the primary causes of driver fatigue, you may be able to avoid […]

Top tips for driving in traffic

Driving in traffic is not the same as driving fast on the highway. You need to take special precautions to ensure that you remain safe at all times. There are many things you can do to avoid trouble in traffic, with the following tips well worth considering: — Maintain a safe distance between other vehicles. […]

What are the different types of traumatic brain injury?

It is easy to believe that all traumatic brain injuries are the same, but this is not true. While all of these are serious, there are many different types. These injuries are categorized as either open or closed. Regardless of the type or extent, a traumatic brain injury is caused by external force, such as […]

How to find fault in a medical malpractice case

Finding fault in a medical malpractice case is easier said than done. While this may sound like an impossible feat, it shouldn’t be enough to scare you away. Instead, you should realize that there are steps you can take to improve your position. Generally speaking, there are two primary components of a medical malpractice case. […]

Amputation can be the result of a car accident

If you are involved in a serious car accident, you never know what types of injuries you will face. Amputation is always a possibility. While this is sure to change your life in many ways, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get back on track. You will have to adjust to both mental and physical […]

Woman dies after being struck by vehicle

A 27-year-old woman who was struck by a vehicle on Ridge Road in Fowler Township has died. The man accused of hitting the woman is facing charges for allegedly fleeing the scene. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the woman passed away at St. Elizabeth Hospital as a result of injuries suffered in the […]

How does weather impact the road?

If you have spent any amount of time as a driver, regardless of the vehicle type, you know one thing to be true: Weather conditions are not always ideal. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, it is important to make changes that will keep you and those around you safe. Truckers, in […]

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