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Union, OH Rear End Crash Injures Man, Woman, Child

City: Jerome, OhioCounty: Union, OhioDate of Accident: September 14, 2013Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2011 Chevrolet Cruze / 2013 Chevrolet A 31 year old man, Mark A. Bishop, Ohio, a 32 year old woman, Andrea R. Bishop and a child, 3 year old Ethan H. Bishop, all of Westerville, Ohio, sustained injuries in […]

Car Strikes Culvert, Man Injured in Allen, Ohio

Car Srikes Culvert, Man Injured in Allen, Ohio. An early-morning crash occurred and resulted in injuries for a 22 year old man of Lima, Ohio, on July 3, 2014 at approximately 2:25 am. Reports from the OSHP are that a 2009 Mercedes C30 midsize car was being driven by the man, south on North Dixie […]

Tactics for cutting back on risky driving

While some accidents truly are accidents and happen seemingly out of the blue, or due to forces outside of the drivers’ control, it’s been found that many, many accidents are caused by risky driving. This is especially true with young drivers. Below are a few things that have been shown to help reduce the risk. […]

Three People Injured as Vehicle Struck Ditch in Columbiana, OH

Three People Injured as Vehicle Struck Ditch in Columbiana, OH A driver who made an improper lane change was allegedly the cause of an accident that occurred in Fairfield, Columbiana, Ohio, on January 4, 2015 at approximately 00:45 am. Reports from the OSHP are that a 19 year old youth was driving a white 1998 […]

What every rider needs to know after a motorcycle accident

As any experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you, there are specific things that you should and shouldn’t do after a motorcycle accident. As an injured motorcyclist, you have certain rights and a motorcycle accident attorney’s main job is to make sure those rights are protected. Below, you will find what every motorcycle rider needs […]

Bus driver has suspended license, Metro defends her driving

Taking public transit places your trust in someone else since you are counting on a driver to get you to where you are going. When the drivers aren’t properly vetted, you can face hazards. A recent accident proves that putting your trust in a public transit system to get around might not be the best […]

Birth injury claims require special attention to details

In last week’s blog post, we discussed the cerebral palsy case that ended in a multi-million dollar award. This case is one example of why some parents opt to fight for compensation when a child is injured during birth. In this case, the parents received compensation for their son’s suffering and for his future medical […]

Cerebral palsy case leads to multi-million dollar award

p>Cerebral palsy is a diagnosis that considerably changes the course of a child’s life. It also affects the parents. When the cerebral palsy was caused by the actions or inaction of a medical professional, the parents might opt to seek compensation. Recently, a jury found in the parents’ favor in a case revolving around cerebral […]

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