Fatigued truckers can cause serious crashes

Truckers must ensure that they are well-rested before they get behind the wheel of those large vehicles. When a trucker is fatigued, even the most experienced trucker can do something that causes an accident. These accidents can lead to serious injuries and death.

Some people think that trucker fatigue is caused by the trucker not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep is one possible cause of trucker fatigue, but it isn’t the only cause.

Medical conditions and other factors can lead to fatigue that can impact driving. Sleep apnea, for example, could lead to fatigue because the trucker can’t get a good quality of sleep.

There are some truckers who drive the exact same routes day after day. These truckers could begin to become too familiar with the roads. This familiarity can lead to the trucker becoming drowsy while driving.

The conditions in the cab of the semi-truck can lead to fatigue. If the cabin is hot and stuffy, the trucker might become fatigued. Rain beating on the glass and similar conditions can do the same thing.

Stress and other emotional factors can cause a trucker to be fatigued. The same is true for a trucker who tries to sleep during the day so he or she can drive at night.

If you are injured in a semi-truck accident, the cause of the accident will be a primary consideration when you seek compensation. Knowing how to investigate the accident to determine this is one of the first steps that you should do once you decide to file a claim.

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