Truckers should follow these tips when driving in the snow

Truckers are always in a hurry. They need to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to meet deadlines and provide a high level of service, this often comes at the expense of others.

When truck drivers run into inclement weather, they have one of two options: Continue to drive as if nothing has changed, or alter their approach based on what is happening around them.

Even though some truckers neglect to change their approach in bad weather, others realize the importance of doing so. Here are some tips all truck drivers should follow when driving in the snow:

— Accelerate and decelerate slowly and under control. This helps to avoid sliding.

— Slow down. Perhaps the most important tip, driving slower goes a long way in reducing the risk of an accident.

— Don’t stop suddenly. There is a big difference between stopping suddenly and doing so in a gradual manner.

— Stay off the road. Is it time for a break anyway? If so, let the snow pass while you rest.

It’s not easy for anybody to drive in the snow, but truckers are in an even more difficult position. They are trying to control a large vehicle in weather that is not cooperating.

If you are operating a passenger vehicle in the snow, watch out for truckers. Not all of them will change their ways due to the weather. Some will continue to push on at a high rate of speed, thus increasing the likelihood of causing an accident.

Source: AAA, “Winter Driving Tips,” accessed Feb. 10, 2016