The challenges of a truck accident claim

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, approximately 10 percent of highway deaths occur in an accident involving a large truck.

As you drive a passenger vehicle on the highway, you will find yourself in close proximity to trucks at all times. Not only do you need to drive with caution, but you hope that these truckers will do the same.

There are many challenges associated with a truck accident claim, including the fact that you have other things on your mind. For example, you must first take care of your health and well being before you ever look into this.

Of course, you have to prove that the other party was at fault. This is easier said than done since the trucker and trucking company will fight tooth and nail.

One of the biggest problems with a truck accident claim is a driver or company that destroys evidence. They may attempt to get rid of anything that proves they were in the wrong. Subsequently, your case is damaged.

There are many causes of truck accidents, including but not limited to speeding, drunk driving, fatigue, bad brakes, and improper maintenance checks. It is imperative to prove that the driver and/or company were negligent to the point of causing the accident.

Even though there are challenges associated with any truck accident claim, our attorneys know what to expect along the way. If you want to learn more about truck accidents, including your legal rights, take the time to read our webpages and blog posts dedicated to this subject matter.