Jeep Overturns in Belmont, OH, 22 Y-O Man Injured in Car Accident

Jeep Overturns in Belmont, OH, 22 Y-O Man Injured.

A 22-year-old man of Martin’s Ferry, Ohio, sustained injuries when his Jeep overturned in Colerain Township, Belmont, Ohio on July 7, 2014, at approximately 3:05 am. Reports from Ohio State Highway patrol are that the man was driving a 2013 Jeep SUV, east on Federal Highway 250 when it allegedly traveled off the right side of the roadway. It struck a culvert and overturned. The man was charged with operating his vehicle without reasonable control. He was treated at the scene and the vehicle towed.

In our personal injury practice, we often see accidents where one car is involved. In those cases, the driver is almost always at fault, unless an unforeseeable act of God that removes negligence from the driver. In cases like these, it is useful to have a skilled Attorney to represent innocent passengers against a negligent driver’s insurance company.

Drivers who crashed and sustained injuries because they made improper lane changes were 4,744 in 2013. Those that occurred on the roadside were 7,772 and 330 that involved culverts. Vehicles that overturned in 2013 in Ohio were 4,432 of 7,029. SUVs that were involved in injury crashes were 24,080 and dark not lighted conditions were 7,662 in 2013. Colerain Township’s population in 2013 were 4,438. They had 24 injury crashes and 31 injuries.


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