62 Year Old Man Injured as Motorcycle Overturns in Erie, OH

City: Perkins, Ohio
County: Erie, Ohio
Date of Accident: September 6, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2005 Dodge / 2011 Harley Davidson / 2002 Mazda Protégé.

Traffic halted on Federal Highway 250 in Perkins, Erie, Ohio, on September 6, 2013 at about 2:27 pm, following a motorcycle crash that occurred and resulted in injuries for a 62-year-old man of Norwalk, Ohio. Police reports are that a 31 year old man was driving a 2005 Dodge Magnum midsize car, south on Federal Highway 250 from the Outback Steakhouse parking lot. The 62 year old driver of a 2011 Harley Davidson motorcycle, Samuel B. Hay Jr. of Norwalk, Ohio was headed north on Federal Highway 250. The driver of a 2002 Mazda Protégé, David H. Kim of Sandusky, Ohio, was headed south on Federal Highway 250. The driver of the Dodge allegedly failed to yield from a private drive and caused the driver of the motorcycle to strike the Dodge. The motorcycle overturned and went into the southbound lanes where it struck the Mazda. Hay and an occupant of his vehicle, 65 year old Marlyn J. Hay were transported by Perkins Township EMS to Firelands ER. Kasper’s towed the Mazda.

Angle crashes that caused injuries in 2011 were 20,509. Perkins, Erie, Ohio had a population of 12,578 in 2011, they had 148 injury crashes that resulted in 273 injuries. Accidents that occurred in 2010 which involved drivers’ failure to yield accounted for 12,165 that resulted in injuries. Motorcycle accidents were 3,430 which resulted in injuries in 2010. The accident involved a minivan, in Ohio in 2010 there were 8,826 accidents which involved minivans, which resulted in injuries.

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