51 Y-O Man Rushed to Wooster Comm. in Wayne, Ohio Truck Crash

City: Wooster, Ohio
County: Wayne, Ohio
Date of Accident: June 6, 2013
Type of Accident: Truck Accident – 2007 MIFU Truck

A truck crash occurred in Wooster, Wayne, Ohio and resulted in a 51-year-old man being rushed to Wooster Community Hospital for injuries he sustained on June 6, 2013, at approximately 3:34 pm. Reports from the police are that the man was driving a 2007 MIFU Truck west on State Route 3, headed north on the ramp from Federal Highway 30. The truck allegedly ran off the right side of the roadway and struck several trees. Wirt’s towed the truck.

Accidents that occurred on wet roads in 2011 amounted to 18,544. In 2011, Wooster, Wayne, Ohio, whose population was 24,811, suffered 133 injury crashes, which resulted in 183 injuries. Accidents in which drivers failed to maintain an assured clear distance ahead were 18,889 in 2011. Trees that were involved in injury crashes amounted to 2,731 in 2011. Accidents, which involved single-unit trucks with 2+ axles and 6 tires and resulted in injuries amounted to 1,067 in 2010 in Ohio. Accidents that occurred in the rain and resulted in injuries were 10,944 in 2011.

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