17 Year Old Youth Killed as Motorcycle Strikes Curb in Wood, Ohio

City: Perrysburg, Ohio
County: Wood, Ohio
Date of Accident: June 6, 2013
Type of Accident: Motorcycle Accident – 2003 Kawasaki EX250

A 17 year old youth, Alexander Nachtrab, was killed in a motorcycle crash that occurred on June 8, 2013 at approximately 5:40 pm in Perrysburg, Wood, Ohio. Police reports are that the youth was riding a 2003 Kawasaki EX250 motorcycle west in the 900 block of W.S. Boundary Street. He allegedly failed to maintain control of the motorcycle and went off the right side of the roadway, where it struck a curb. He was transported by Medic 38 to St. Luke Hospital. VJ’s towed the motorcycle.

Vehicles involved in accidents which the drivers failed to control amounted to 134 which caused fatal injuries. In Perrysburg, Wood, Ohio, whose population was 16,945 in 2011, there were 1 fatal crash of 653. There were 4,552 Motorcycles involved in crashes in 2010. Accidents which occurred outside the traffic way in 2010 and resulted in death were 68. Accidents in 2010 which involved a curb amounted to 26 fatal accidents. Those in which there were no controls were 169 which resulted in fatalities.

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