Motorcycle Accident Injures 55-Year-Old Woman in Shelby, Ohio

City: Loramie, Ohio
County: Shelby, Ohio
Date of Accident: April 22, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Cycle Accident – 1963 Triumph Motorcycle

A 1963 motorcycle that was being driven by a 55 year old woman north on State Route 66 at about 0.2 of a mile south of Roeth Road alleges that she looked into her side mirror and saw a vehicle coming up on her before she lost control of the motorcycle and crashed. She further alleged that she thought her brakes locked or the motor blew when she laid the motorcycle on its side. Police reported that the accident occurred on April 22, 2013 at approximately 5:05 pm in Loramie, Shelby, Ohio. Houston Rescue took the injured woman to Wilson Hospital before she was charged. M & A Muffler towed the motorcycle.

Motorcycle accidents were 3,430 which resulted in injuries. In 2011, Loramie, Shelby, Ohio, had a population of 2,438; there were 10 injury crashes, which resulted in 17 injuries. Vehicles that were involved in accidents, which the drivers failed to control, amounted to 10,478, which caused injuries. In Ohio in 2010, accidents, which occurred and were not a collision of two vehicles in transport amounted to 23,253, which caused injuries. Accidents in which the drivers were under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication amounted to 5,173 which resulted in injuries. The injury crashes which occurred in 2010 and involved drivers crossing median or centerline amounted to 750.

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