Madison County Head-On Crash Injures 37 Y-O Man

City: Somerford, Ohio
County: Madison, Ohio
Date of Accident: April 16, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 1991 Chevrolet Caveat / 2011 Ford Victory

Traffic halted on the evening commute on State Route 56 in Somerford, Madison, Ohio, on April 16, 2013 after a head on crash that occurred and resulted in injuries for a 37 year old man. The ODPS reported that a 1991 Chevy Caveat midsize car being driven by a 67 year old man was headed north on State Route 56 and traveled left of the center line and struck a 2011 Ford Victory full size car, a marked Ohio State Highway Patrol Cruiser that was being driven by the man. He was transported by Madison EMS to Madison County Hospital, while the 67 year old man was charged. C & C towed the Ford.

Accidents that occurred on wet roads in 2011 amounted to 18,544. In 2011, Somerford, Madison, in Ohio had a population of 6,975, suffered a total of 15 injury crashes, with 21, which resulted in injuries. Head-on collisions which occurred in Ohio in 2010 amounted to 3,096; those which involved full sized vehicles were 13,554 that resulted in injuries. Those accidents that occurred in the rain were 10,944 in 2011. Mid size, vehicles that were involved in accidents in 2011 were 41,253 of 158,786, which caused injuries. There were 1,541 injury crashes in which drivers drove left of the center of the road in 2010.

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