Driver Blacks Out and Crashes in Pickaway, Ohio

City: Harrisburg, Ohio
County: Pickaway, Ohio
Date of Accident: April 20, 2013
Type of Accident: Truck Accident – 2010 Freight Class 2

A truck driver allegedly blacked out while he was driving a 2010 Freight class 2 tractor-semi on Federal Highway 23 and crashed causing injuries to himself. On April 20, 2013, at approximately 7:57 am a 58-year-old man, Kevin P. McMonigal of Spartanburg, Ohio, was driving north on Federal Highway 23 near Milepost 15. Police reported that the man started to pull off the road and allegedly blacked out. The truck went off the right side of the roadway, struck a ditch and an embankment and rested upright in a field. He was transported by Harrison Township Fire & EMS to Berger Hospital. Eitel’s towed the truck. A 54-year-old occupant of the vehicle, James H. Snipes was not injured.

Accidents which occurred outside the traffic way amounted to 2,455 which resulted in injuries. Harrison, Pickaway, Ohio whose population in 2011 was 6,424 had a total of 25 injury crashes, which resulted in 43 injuries. There were approximately 893 accidents occurred in Ohio in 2011 and involved an embankment. Accidents in which vehicles struck ditches amounted to 2,164, which caused injuries in 2011. Those accidents which involved tractor/semi-trailers amounted to 1,875 which resulted in injuries.

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