Cuyahoga, Ohio, ACDA Crash Results in Injury

City: Bratenahl, Ohio
County: Cuyahoga, Ohio
Date of Accident: April 14, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2009 Toyota / 2010 Hyundai

Westbound Interstate-90 in Bratenahl, Cuyahoga, Ohio was shutdown this afternoon after a crash, according to Ohio Highway Patrol dispatchers. The accident occurred at about 1:26 pm. According to dispatchers, a 2009 Toyota compact car was traveling in Lane 4 when the driver slowed to observe police action that was taking place on the highway. A 2010 Hyundai compact car was also traveling in lane 4 and was unable to slow to prevent a collision in the rear end of the Toyota. Injuries were reported, but were not believed to be serious. The driver of the Toyota, 26 year old Elizabeth Orchard of Bedford, Ohio and an occupant of her car, 38 y-o Rockie Chandler was not injured and the driver and two occupants of the Hyundai, Troy Tichowana 32 and Angelo Nicoletti were not injured.

Rear end crashes in 2011 were 22,056 that resulted in injuries. Bratenahl, Cuyahoga, Ohio, had a population of 1,337 residents in 2011. Approximately 10,525 injury crashes occurred when it was dark, on a lighted roadway. Accidents in which drivers failed to maintain an assured clear distance ahead were 18,889 in 2011. Accidents which were as a result of other improper actions were 527 which caused injuries. Compact cars were involved in 18,796 injury crashes in 2011.

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