2 Boys Rushed to Hospital in Allen, Ohio Accident

City: Sugar Creek, Ohio
County: Allen, Ohio
Date of Accident: May 4, 2013
Type of Accident: Motor Vehicle Accident – 1999 Oldsmobile

One boy and a youth, aged 18 and 12 respectively, were injured in a collision that took place in Sugar Creek, Allen, Ohio on May 4, 2013 at approximately 9:20 pm. Reports from the ODPS are that a 1999 Oldsmobile midsize car was being driven by the 18 year old youth south on Gomer Road, when he allegedly failed to negotiate a curve in the roadway and drove his vehicle off the left side of the roadway. It struck a pole before it overturned. American Township EMS transported both the boy and the youth to St. Rita’s Hospital, before the youth was charged with operating his vehicle without reasonable control. Knippens towed the car.

Those accidents, which involved improper lane change, were 3,823, which caused injuries. Sugar Creek, Allen, Ohio, had a population of 1,330; 8 injury crashes occurred and resulted in 20 injuries. Mid size, vehicles that were involved in accidents in 2011 were 41,253 of 158,786, which caused injuries. Accidents that were not a collision of two vehicles in transport were 22,448 in 2011. Crashes that occurred when it was dark not lighted were 479. Accidents that caused injuries and involved utility poles were 1,619.

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