What are your rights if you are injured in a motorcycle accident?

Author David M. Chester Ohio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer`.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, there is nothing as exhilarating as riding their beloved machine. The freedom that comes from the lack of a metal enclosure is part of why motorcycles are so popular. However, as many motorcycle accidents, victims are aware, this lack of enclosure is why the injuries sustained in an accident are often so severe, even at slower speeds.

When speaking with motorcycle accident victim, you understand that many motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the rider. The inattention of car drivers, impaired driving, or road hazards is often responsible for these tragic events. If you or a loved one is involved in such an accident, then you should contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at Chester Law Group as soon as possible to discuss your options.

You Have Rights as a Motorcycle Accident Victim

Unfortunately, many insurance companies will not tell you that you have rights as an accident victim. This is why it is so important if you are injured to contact an attorney. You do not have to deal with the insurance company by yourself; your law firm can. However, the insurance company will want you to speak with them about the accident. They will try to get you to admit fault or that your injuries are not as severe as the doctor has said.

Your motorcycle accident attorney from Chester Law Group will be with you when you speak to the insurance adjuster or will review any paperwork that insurance company wants you to sign. If you’re not careful, you could sign away your rights to any recovery for future medical bills or care. The insurance company wants you to settle for the least amount possible. It’s up to your accident lawyer to work towards full and fair compensation for your injuries and expenses.

You Have the Right to Recover Damages

As a motorcycle accident victim, you have rights regarding the monetary recovery of damages from the careless driver who hurt you. These damages may not be simply limited to your medical bills, either. An experienced attorney in motorcycle accidents can discuss the type of damages that you can file for.

These damages can include current and future medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, payment for permanent disability, and other accident expenses. Sometimes, Ohio law places limits to the amount of damages that may be recovered and your lawyer will be able to describe those limits to you.

Also, the amount of available insurance can affect how much you can collect, and it is important to hire a motorcycle accident law firm who knows that often there are many policies of insurance that apply to a given case. Just because one insurance company says they have offered you “their limits” does not mean that there is not more insurance available somewhere else, and if you settle with one insurance carrier you may bar yourself from collecting from any other insurance carrier. Don’t do this to yourself or someone you love by accident. You have already been victimized one. Don’t do it to yourself.

In addition, punitive damages may be awarded if there was reckless or intentional conduct on the part of the responsible party. These damages are meant as a punishment and to deter bad behavior. In Ohio, they are capped at 3 times your other damages.

You Have the Right to Continued Medical Care and Treatment

Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and soft tissue injuries are very common in a motorcycle accident. You have the right as an injured party to receive the proper medical care and treatment, even if the insurance company tells you that the maximum allowed amount of medical coverage and expenses have already been met.

Who says it is the maximum amount allowed? If it is not equal to their policy limits, then they are just telling you that they don’t WANT to pay any more medical bills, not that all applicable insurance from that company has been exhausted. Don’t be bullied by aggressive insurance adjusters trying to force you to settle without receiving all of your medical treatment or finding out exactly what is wrong with you.

Your accident lawyer will explain your rights to receive this medical care and how much insurance, and what type, is available to pay for the medical bills. At Chester Law Group, the attorneys have tools and resources that are necessary to help ensure that your medical bills are paid for.

For example, an expert in motorcycle accident injuries may be called to testify about your specific injuries and explain the need for extended or continued care. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to contact a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident. In this day and age, getting your medical bills paid is becoming more and more difficult for injured Ohioans who do not hire an experienced, aggressive personal injury lawyer who will file suit and make the insurance company pay dearly if they make a lowball offer or won’t pay your reasonable and necessary medical care from the accident.

Without a lawyer, you are like an ant trying to fight an elephant. You will almost always lose out if you don’t have a lawyer on your side, especially on more serious injury cases, like motorcycle injury cases. Worse yet, you won’t even know you lost out because you won’t know how much money you should have gotten had you had an experienced lawyer in the field of motor bike accidents on your side. You will settle for peanuts and think you got filet mignon steak. It happens all the time. Don’t let an insurance adjuster tell you the value of your case. This is like asking the fox if he will guard the chicken coop.

You Have the Right to Refuse a Settlement Offer

It can be very difficult financially if you are not able to work after a motorcycle accident. The regular monthly bills can add up quickly, not to mention the bills for medical care, property damage, and other expenses.

One of the things that insurance companies count on is that an injured party will settle quickly simply because he or she needs the money to live on. Your law firm will bring any settlement offers to you for consideration. It is your right to turn down a settlement offer. In most cases, an experienced, knowledgeable attorney will tell you if it is a fair offer.

Ultimately, though, accepting the offer is up to you and your family. Don’t let your financial need caused by the insurance company’s client cause you to settle quick and cheap. Your personal injury lawyer may have other ways for you to get lost wages, rental car, medical bills paid, and living expenses besides waiting for the other party’s insurance company to be fair.

You Have the Right to Representation

At Chester Law Group, your lawyers will work diligently to get you the full and fair compensation you deserve for your injuries and expenses. Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident and eight times more likely to be injured than those in a passenger car accident. There are often negative stereotypes for motorcyclists and insurance companies try to use these to offer lower settlements. If you would hire the Chester Law Group they will take care of all necessary communication with the insurance company. You have enough to worry about without dealing with the insurance company, their delays, and their other tactics designed to get you to settle quickly, cheap, or both.

A Few Final Thoughts For Motorcycle Accident Victims

Your motorcycle accident lawyer is your best bet for getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries and expenses. The insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible and as quickly as possible. As soon as you are able, you should contact an experienced accident attorney at Chester Law Group to ensure that your rights as an injured motorcyclist are protected.

Your emotional and physical health and well-being can be turned upside down by such an accident. It will likely be one of the most difficult times in your life. At Chester Law Group, you will find the compassionate, experienced attorneys you need to get your life back. While they can’t turn back the hands of time to before the accident, Chester Law Group will work tirelessly to make sure your future needs are taken care of. You would not dream of playing doctor and doing brain surgery on yourself to remove a cancerous tumor, so don’t try to play lawyer and risk the financial future of you and your family. Be smart enough to know you need help. This is the best personal advice anyone can give you.

By David Chester founder of Chester Law Group Co., LPA