Truck Accidents Caused by Re-tread Tires and Other Tire Failures

One of the most common causes of semi-truck accidents is tire failure. An experienced truck accident attorney has seen many cases where tire failure has led to horrific and tragic accidents. Many of these accidents might have been prevented, especially if the trucker had inspected the tires prior to embarking on his or her next trip. A accident attorney will use every means possible to determine if tire failure played a role in your accident and will work to make sure that your rights as an injured party are protected and that the responsible parties are held accountable for the accident.

The Different Types of Semi-Truck Tire Failures

There are several different types of semi-truck tire failure. Each has its own specific hazards, but these type of truck accidents can cause serious injuries or death. One of the key factors in your case will be proving who was responsible for the accident.

In many cases, the trucker, the trucking company, the maintenance personnel, or those who loaded the truck are responsible. You can be sure those individuals will have a legal representation even before the accident scene can be completely cleared up. This is why it is important to have your own personal injury lawyer at work for you as soon as possible.

Tire Blowouts and Tire Separation

Tire blowouts and tire separation are very common with semi-trucks. Most of these safety hazards can be prevented by a thorough inspection. Tires are a critical part of a truck’s equipment and they warrant special attention by the trucker. Tire blowouts and tire separation can cause the trucker to lose control of the 80,000 pound vehicle, resulting in devastating accidents.

An accident lawyer will work with experts in the trucking industry to determine the cause of the accident. These experts might include truck accident reconstructionists who are familiar with the mechanisms of tractor trailers. Our attorneys at Chester Law Group are experienced in truck accidents and know the importance of making full use of the tools and resources our firm has available.

Federal law requires that semi-truck drivers do not run retreaded or recapped tires on the front of the tractor. It is simply too hazardous. At Chester Law Group, attorney will be sure this is one of the first things that are checked. Retread tires are much safer than they once were on our highways; however, when there is a problem, it’s often catastrophic.

Underinflated Tires Are Dangerous Too

Underinflated tires on a semi-truck can be very dangerous too. Tires provide traction for accelerating, turning, and braking and often, they must carry out these tasks for many miles. Whenever truck tires are not inflated properly, the tires cannot do what they supposed to, when they are. An experienced accident law firm knows how critical the proper tire inflation pressure is to how a semi-truck will operate on the nation’s highways. For example, the proper tire inflation pressure is determined by the weight of the load.Thre are some truckers on the road today that do not follow procedure for the correct tire inflation pressure for the weight of the load they are carrying. When truckers and trucking companies choose to ignore this very important safety feature and an accident results, you want a knowledgeable law firm experienced in truck accidents on your side.

Overheated Tires

While this is not as common as it once was, there are still some trucking companies and owner operators who will cut costs any way possible. Overheated tires do not always cause immediate problems; however, overheating does weaken the walls of the tires, making it much more likely that a blowout will occur.

You need to examine closely the maintenance records of the truck and see if there have been any brake fires recently, which can also cause the strength of the tire to weaken. It’s easy to see why the experienced lawyers at Chester Law Group is so important to represent you and your family. An inexperienced accident attorney may not be aware of all the problems that can arise from improper care and maintenance of semi-truck tires. At Chester Law Group, you can rest assured that we are knowledgeable, experienced, and also compassionate when it comes to getting you and your family the full and fair compensation for your injuries and expenses.

Bent Rims

If you’ve ever priced a rim for your own vehicle, you can imagine how expensive a semi-truck tire is. This is why many truckers and trucking companies will continue to use a bent rim. This decision can result in an accident and one that could have been prevented. The Chester Law Group will collaborate with trucking industry experts to see if a bent tire rim was the cause of the accident.

You May Be Able to Recover These Damages

A truck accident attorney will examine a lot of evidence in a truck accident case. Police and accident reports are just the beginning. Maintenance records, trucking logs, and witnesses to the accident will also yield information. As the case progresses, a definitive cause of the accident will become apparent to the accident law firm. You and your family have enough to worry about when it comes to the emotional and physical aftermath of the accident.

Your truck accident lawyer may be able to get you compensation for your medical bills, future medical care, pain and suffering, lost wages and property damages. Punitive damages may be applicable if there was a complete and reckless disregard for local, state, and federal safety regulations. As the case progresses, your attorney will have a better understanding of how best to proceed in the case and what the damages should be sought after for you and your family. At Chester Law Group, our lawyers will protect your rights as an injured party. This is one of the most important reasons to contact them today.

Article Author David M. Chester Ohio Truck Accident Lawyer