Pickaway County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Pickaway County is located in the southern portion of central Ohio, and is named in honor of the Pekowi sub-group of Shawnee Native Americans that once lived in the area. The most populous city within Pickaway County is Scioto, with 9165 residents, while Circleville remains that county seat with approximately 2300 residents. The entire population of Pickaway County is just under 40,000, a stark decline to the nearly 50,000 residents reported in the 2000 Census Report. It is also worth noting that the 2000 Census Report listed Circleville the most populous city within Pickaway County.

The reason for the decline in the population of Circleville certainly has nothing to do with automobile accidents as there were no fatal car accidents reported in Circleville during 2008, and only one reported during 2007. Despite the near absence of fatalities in Circleville’s seemingly safe roads, 2008 did see a total of 152 automobile accidents with Circleville’s streets and 2007 saw 182. Scioto compares favorably with Circleville in crash statistics despite being substantially larger in terms of population, with only 116 car accidents reported in 2007 and only 112 in 2008. Only a single fatal traffic accident was recorded in Scioto during 2008, and none were reported in 2007.

With smaller populations, more than a few towns in Pickaway County may seem anomalous from a statistical standpoint. For example, both Darby and Pickaway (the township, not the county) experienced 4 fatal car crashes in 2008, despite having a combined population of roughly half that of Scioto. 2007 saw both the Township of Pickaway and Darby again lead the fatal car accident statistics in Pickaway County with two fatal crashes apiece, and were joined by the Township of Washington.

On the other hand, Walnut had no fatal car crashes in 2007 or in 2008, despite having a population greater than Darby and comparable to the Township of Washington. This is not Walnut’s only interesting crash-related statistic. The city had a total of 3 unknown and/or unattributable crashes during 2008, though none in 2007. In 2007, only Harrison and Jackson experienced unknown or otherwise unattributable auto accidents at one a piece, though neither township saw a relapse the following year. Townships other than Walnut to experience unknown and/or unattributable accidents during 2008 include: Deer Creek (2), Darby (2), Circleville (1), and Wayne (1). It may seem as if a spike in irresponsible driving occurred in 2008, but it is important to remember that a few incidents can skew percentages easily when looking at population centers that are measured only in the hundreds or thousands.

Looking at the number of injuries attributable to auto-related accidents also shows a noteworthy trend. Harrison led Pickaway County with a total of 70 injuries in 2008, despite having only 52 the previous year. The 2007 leader for auto-related injuries was Circleville, with 74 injuries. Given the fact that Harrison is home to nearly three times the residents of Circleville, the fact that Circleville could have overtaken it in 2007 in terms of injuries is substantial in and of itself. Wayne also stands out during 2007 for having a very high number of total traffic incidents (49) compared to its population of only 565.

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