Monroe County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located along the southeast border of Ohio, Monroe County takes its name from United States President James Monroe. Despite the fact that Monroe County covers 457 square miles, nearly 2 of which are covered in water most of the year, only 15,180 (up from 14,832 in 2007) people call Monroe County home. Thankfully, those 15,180 residents do seem to be safe drivers, as only 242 traffic accidents were recorded in Monroe County during 2007, and an equal number the following year.

The fact that such a small population could reproduce similar traffic statistics is impressive, but even more impressive is the fact that the same low traffic-fatality figure appears for both years: 2 deaths. Even the overall number of traffic-related injuries remains similar during both years: 109 in 2007 and 104 the following year. Overall, Monroe County is a fairly safe place for motorists in Ohio, which is impressive considering Ohio’s often inclement weather and other factors that conspire to provide motorists with challenging driving conditions throughout a significant portion of the average year.

The townships in Monroe County that registered the highest number of overall traffic accidents during 2007 were: Center with a total of 41, Ohio (the township) with 29, Sunsbury with 24, Salem with 23, Adams with 19, and Malaga with 18. 2008 saw the same townships re-appear on the list of townships with greatest overall number of traffic accidents: Center with 45 total traffic accidents, Malaga with 26, Sunsbury and Ohio with 21 each, and Salem with 20.

It is no surprise that the Township of Center is the source of more traffic accidents than any other township in Monroe County as Center has the highest population, with 3,797 residents. What is fairly impressive is that Lee, the third-most populous township in the county, does not appear on the list either year. In fact, Lee reported just 14 traffic accidents during 2007 and 17 the following year. Of course, the Township of Lee is still slightly more dangerous than the Township of Center from a traffic accident per capita standpoint, but its small size also makes it subject to statistical anomalies that would require further context to put in perspective.

Sunsbury is the second most populous township in Monroe County, with 1,424 residents. Despite this, Sunsbury reports a fairly high number of overall traffic accidents, and was one of two townships to report a traffic-related fatality in 2007. The comparatively small Township of Ohio (1,032 residents) reported a single traffic-related fatality in 2008, along with Center which was the home of the other traffic fatality in 2007. It is worth noting that both of the traffic fatalities experienced in Monroe County during 2007 were alcohol-related, as a total of 31 accidents. 2008 saw a much more sober Monroe County that recorded only 14 alcohol-related traffic accidents which resulted in 13 injuries and no fatalities. Overall, Monroe County is a reasonably safe place for motorists in Ohio, but it is also a reasonably dry place if the figures provided by the Ohio Department of Public Safety are accurate.

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