Lawrence County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Located in the southernmost tip of Ohio, Lawrence County is home to 62,319 residents. Named after USS Chesapeake commander James Lawrence, Lawrence County is comprised 457 square miles of territory, 2 of which are usually covered in water throughout the year. Being located in the southern part of Ohio does help to shelter Lawrence County against some of the state’s infamously foul weather, and that in turn should help create overall safer road conditions. At least, that is the theory.

In practice, the roads of Lawrence County are actually very safe compared to other counties in Ohio. With only 1,103 traffic accidents on record during 2007, and another 1,152 during 2008, Lawrence County is actually on the lower side of the danger spectrum for motorists in all of Ohio. Add to this the fact that there were only 11 traffic-related fatalities in 2007 in all of Lawrence County, and only a trio the following year, and the overall road-safety picture for Lawrence County looks really good.

The most dangerous townships in Lawrence County for motorists during 2007 were: Union with 257 traffic accidents on file, Fayette with an even 200, Upper with 144, and Perry with 131. 2008 saw a very similar picture painted of the most traffic-accident prone townships in Lawrence County: Union with 235 total traffic accidents, Fayette with 230, Perry with 156, Upper with 131, and Rome with 103. These figures take on new meaning when populations are attached to the various townships and per capita rates are viewed.

The Township of Union is home to 9,002 residents, which is actually quite similar to the population of Fayette, which lists its population as 9,169. While it is natural to assume that traffic accidents scale with population, that it not the case. In fact, the Township of Upper is home to 15,648 residents, or roughly 70% more than either Union or Fayette. Despite this fact, Upper tends to log roughly sixty to seventy percent of the total traffic accidents that either of the smaller townships do. This actually marks the Township of Upper as a very safe place for motorists overall, not just in Lawrence County. By the same token, these figures also expose both Union and Fayette as extremely dangerous places for motorist in Lawrence County.

Perry is not worth overlooked either, as it only has a population of 6,813, and yet it still managed to carry a 143.5 traffic accident per year average between 2007 and 2008. If those statistics were scaled up to a township the size of Upper, there would be well over 350 traffic accidents every year, or an average of at least one per day.

It may also be worth noting that Union sits atop the alcohol-related traffic accident list in Lawrence County two years running, with 26 alcohol-related traffic accidents in 2007 and another 20 in 2008. The Township of Rome is a comparatively sober place with only 8 alcohol-related traffic accidents on file in 2007 and another 5 in 2008. For a township with a population of 8,694, Rome is one of the most sober places for motorists in all of Lawrence County.

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