Highland County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

The hilly terrain in Highland County is believed to have lent the county its name, especially the topography near Little Miami and Scioto. 5 square miles of the overall 558 square miles of Highland County are covered in water most of the year, which is impressive considering the fact that Highland County is located near the southern edge of Ohio and thus far away from Lake Erie.

If compared to other counties in Ohio, Highland County is in the middle of the pack for traffic-crash incidents. This may be attributable to the hilly terrain mixed with often adverse weather and road conditions, but the facts are clear: Highland County experienced a total of 891 traffic accidents in 2007 and 866 during 2008. Of these accidents, 7 proved fatal for an equal number of individuals during 2007, and an equal number of fatal traffic accidents resulted in the death of 8 individuals during 2008.

The Township of Liberty is the most populated township in Highland County with a total of 9,798 residents, and thus it is only logical to expect that Liberty would be atop the list of most crash-prone townships in the county. With 191 traffic accidents on file in 2007 and another 196 in 2008, the Township of Liberty is indeed the most traffic accident prone township in the entire county. While Liberty might be home to the most traffic accidents in Highland County, it is not necessarily the most dangerous place for motorists in Highland County when viewed on a per capita basis.

In order to determine which township in Highland County is the most dangerous place for motorists on a per capita basis, it is important to start by looking at the townships with the highest number of total traffic accidents. In 2007, the townships in Highland County that recorded the most traffic accidents were: Liberty with 191, Paint with 93, Fairfield with 86, Madison with 60, and New Market with 57. In 2008, the townships in Highland County that recorded the most overall traffic accidents were: Liberty with a total of 196, Paint with 85, Fairfield with 71, New Market with 60, and Union with 54. These statistics seem reasonably stable year for year, and there are only a few points worth noting, as most of these traffic accidents actually scale well with population.

The population of Liberty is listed as 9,798, while other townships are listed as having the following populations: Paint is home to 4,112, Fairfield has a population of 3,219, Madison has 6,922 residents, 1,941 people call New Market home, and Union has a population of 1,710. This means that while Paint and Madison have per capita traffic incident rates that are roughly in line with Liberty, Fairfield is a significantly more dangerous place for motorist in Highland County.

Perhaps it is not a coincidence, but the Township of Paint recorded 6 alcohol-related traffic accidents in 2007, one of which resulted in a single fatality. While this particular combination of statistics put Paint on top of the alcohol-related traffic accident list in 2007, Dodson took that honor in 2008 worth 10 alcohol-related traffic accidents and a single fatality.

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