Hardin County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Occupying 207 square miles near the western edge of the heart of Ohio, Hardin County takes its name from an officer in the American Revolutionary War. Hardin County is home to 31,945 residents, many of which happen to live in the various townships located throughout the county. Kenton is the county seat for Hardin County, and is also listed as the largest population center in Hardin County.

Hardin County is a surprisingly safe place for motorists in Ohio; especially considering the frequently poor road conditions and often-inclement weather experienced throughout most of Ohio. With only 585 traffic accidents and 2 fatalities in the books in 2007, and 427 total traffic accidents in 2008 with 5 traffic-related fatalities, Hardin County is a model county when it comes to traffic-related incidents.

The Township of Pleasant is a particularly safe place for motorists on a per capita basis, with 8,608 residents and only 70 traffic accidents on file during 2007 plus another 39 in 2008. Despite experiencing a perceptible drop in overall traffic accidents on a year for year basis, the Township of Pleasant did record a single traffic-related fatality in 2008 versus zero the previous year. Such small numbers from a comparatively small data set make such small differences more of a statistical aberration rather than a trend worth taking note of.

The Township of Liberty is another relatively safe place for motorists in Hardin County on a per capita basis, with 7,149 residents and 69 traffic accidents on the books in 2007 plus another 47 during 2008. With only a single traffic-related fatality in 2007 and none on file in 2008, the Township of Liberty is another beacon of road-safety in Hardin County.

On the far end of the safety spectrum is the Township of Buck, which is home to 2,441 residents. Despite being home to a comparatively small number of residents, Buck experienced a grand total of 71 traffic accidents in 2007, along with a single traffic-related fatality. The Township of Buck again experienced an unusually high number of traffic accidents in 2008 with a total of 58 accidents on file. Thankfully, there were no traffic-related traffic fatalities during 2008. It is worth noting that 3 of the 2007 traffic accidents and the single fatality in the Township of Buck were alcohol-related. In fact, the Township of Buck was tied with the much smaller Township of McDonald in 2007 for alcohol-related traffic accidents and traffic-related fatalities.

While the comparatively small Township of McDonald, home to just 914 residents, was on top of the alcohol-related traffic accident list in 2007, the much smaller Township of Cessna took that particularly dubious honor in 2008 with a total of 5 alcohol-related traffic accidents on file. Thankfully, none of those traffic accidents were fatal, with only the Township of Pleasant experiencing a single fatal alcohol-related traffic accident in 2008.

Strangely enough, there were only 4 unknown and/or unexplained traffic accidents in all of Hardin County during 2007 and again during 2008. For a county with over 30,000 residents and handful of modestly sized population centers, these figures are very low. With only 4 unknown and/or unexplained traffic accidents on file during 2007 and another 4 in 2008, there are no standout townships for unexplained and/or unattributable traffic accidents in Hardin County.

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