Clermont County Ohio Car Accident Attorney Discusses Statistics

Bordering Kentucky, Clermont County is located in the far southern section of Ohio. Some believe that Clermont County derives its name from the French words “clear mountain” despite the absence of mountains or even tall hills within the area. There are large nearby mountain ranges that may explain the name, but cast into question the naming of Clermont County. Clermont County is one of the more densely populated counties in Ohio, with just under 170,000 residents living in a space of approximately 458 square miles.

It is actually possible to draw meaningful data from many of the larger townships in Clermont County, but caution is advised when dealing with some of the smaller population centers as one or two accidents can change statistics viewed on a per capita basis dramatically. The Township of Union has 42,332 residents listed as residing within Clermont County, making it the most populous township in the entire county followed closely by the Township of Miami with 36,632. Three other townships of substantial size exist within Clermont County: Batavia with 17,503 residents, Goshen with 13,663 residents, and Pierce with 12,226 residents.

Clermont County experienced a total of 4,676 traffic accidents in 2007, which is not necessarily high given the comparatively high population of the county and the adverse weather conditions Ohio frequently experiences. What is impressive is that only 11 traffic-related fatalities were reported in Clermont County during 2007, only one of which occurred in Union. Two happened within the borders of the Township of Miami, two more in Goshen, another pair in Williamsburg, and another two within the confines of Batavia. Townships in Clermont County that recorded a single traffic-related fatality in 2007 were: Monroe and the Township of Ohio, plus the aforementioned incident in Union.

2008 was a much more dangerous year for motorists in Clermont County, with a total of 4,849 traffic accidents and 25 traffic-related fatalities put on the official record. A particularly pleasant surprise is the fact that the number of alcohol-related traffic accidents in Clermont County actually declined between 2007 and 2008, from 243 to 227. Despite this fact, the number of total accidents and fatalities actually increased, which is certainly not expected. It is also worth noting that though there were a total of only five alcohol-related traffic fatalities in 2007, 2008 actually saw a total of eight such occurrences.

These are not the only traffic-related statistical anomalies in Clermont County during 2007 and 2008. As a matter of fact, the entire county saw a surprisingly low number of unknown and/or unattributable accidents in 2007 with only 46. This is particularly low given the nearly 170,000 residents that live in Clermont County. Stranger yet, 2008 saw a noteworthy increase to 59 such incidents. The notable unknown and/or unattributable crashes in 2007 per township include: Miami with 9, both Union and Batavia with 8 each, and Monroe with 5. 2008 saw Union take the lead once again with 14 such incidents, followed again by Miami and Batavia with 11 each, and Pierce with only 5. There seems to be no logical explanation for the spike in unknown and/or unattributable auto accidents in 2008.

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