Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyer Reviews Most Common Reasons 18 Wheelers Cause Accidents

Author David Chester Truck Accident Lawyer Cincinnati, Ohio

Some of the most common reasons that an eighteen wheeler has caused an accident are simply a lack of experience or an overworked, fatigued driver. Neither of those reasons are the fault of the injured party.

The truck company should not let an inexperienced driver drive on long haul routes. An experienced truck accident attorney will be able to find out how long they had their license before they hit you.

A fatigued driver simply should not be driving, and there are some studies that show someone without sleep is more dangerous behind the wheel them someone intoxicated. A knowledgeable law firm who handles truck accidents will know to look for things such as the log books; perhaps this driver has a history of constantly driving more than they are legally allowed. See explanation of Hours of Service (HOS) at the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

You should not have to worry about every truck that you see on the road, and if you find yourself in one of these types of situations the best thing you can do is have an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side as quickly as possible to help negate the damages you have suffered. Your truck accident law firm will ensure that the truck driver and trucking company are held responsible for the damage that they have caused to your life.

You need an experienced injury lawyer to face the attorneys that the trucking company will have. Their lawyers are excellent at determining all the reasons why the accident was actually your fault, and maybe you should be held liable for the accident.

This is incredibly unfair. Again your attorney will make sure to look at the very important log books. Many truck drivers are pressed for time trying to keep an impossible schedule. It could be very likely that the company the driver is working for is at fault as well. When bonuses can be achieved for making deliveries early, companies can put their drivers into dangerous situations. An experienced truck accident attorney will investigate the company’s policies regarding time limits and bonuses.

It is extremely unfair that you may be suffering and so may be your family because of the carelessness of the truck driver himself or the negligence of his company due to their policies.

Most injuries sustained with a semi truck, are extensive enough to cause fatalities, and if the injured party is lucky enough to live, they are more than likely left with head injuries severe enough to cause permanent trauma to the brain. The medical costs alone could leave a family bankrupt.

Why are you struggling to go to work every day, even when your head feels like its going to explode? More than likely you’ve used all your sick and vacation time just in trying to heal from what you thought was minor injuries. A lawyer with truck accident experience knows this, and he/she knows how to help you and your family.

There is no reason a family that has lost so much due to the carelessness of another should suffer even more, struggling to pay medical bills or even funeral expenses. An experienced law firm, such as the Cincinnati, Ohio truck accident lawyers at Chester Law Group will help get the family the money that they need to live their lives again. The attorneys at Chester Law will work very hard on your side to ensure that you can still take care of your family, even when you are injured. Of course you still want to put food on the table and keep a roof over your head, and it’s not your fault now that you are struggling to do so. Chester Law will help you to end that uphill battle you are facing through no fault of your own.

The truck accident lawyers at Chester Law even consider that you may need retraining in order to stay working, and even if you do retrain for a new job, your income may not be as high as it once was.

Your standard of living should not change just because someone else was too careless as to nap before they got behind the wheel again, and fighting against their team of lawyers without your own is setting you up to fail. Don’t just hire any lawyer; choose the right law firm.

There are experienced teams of truck accident lawyers at Chester Law Group, and they are waiting to help you.