Cerebral Palsy and Erbs Palsy Common Birth Injury Conditions

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Birth injury lawyers frequently see cases which involve Cerebral Palsy and Erbs Palsy, but what are these conditions and what causes them?

These two conditions are considered some of the most common injuries during birth, and are often preventable when proper care and treatment is provided during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Birth injury law firms have medical experts who can look at all of the documented medical evidence in your case, and give an expert opinion on whether the complications that led to the birth injury were preventable. Not all cases of these conditions are caused by negligence, and experienced lawyers can explain whether or not your claim is valid.

Cerebral Palsy

Birth injury attorneys recognize that in some cases Cerebral Palsy is a birth defect, and that even the best medical care and treatment cannot prevent this condition. In other situations this condition is caused by medical negligence though, and personal injury lawyers can evaluate your case and determine whether anyone is at fault for your child’s condition.

Cerebral Palsy is a general term, and can include many different disorders that may affect normal physical movement of the body and the way that the brain functions. Ohio birth injury lawyers, such as Chester Law Group, are very familiar with this condition, and the many possible causes and effects.

Not every case will be the result of neglect or malpractice, and an injury to your child’s brain during pregnancy while in the uterus, during labor and delivery, or even after birth may not always be preventable.

In many cases the condition is caused by a lack of reasonable care and caution though, and in this situation your attorney can make sure your child gets the compensation that they deserve. In many cases the parents may file claims as well, for a number of damage types suffered because of their child’s birth injuries.

Common causes of Cerebral Palsy can include the physician or other medical care provider failing to notice that oxygen is needed, or failing to promptly address any fetal distress or other complications.

In some cases a Cesarean section should have been performed early in the delivery process, and a lack of oxygen and brain injury or damage is the result. Cases can also incur where the umbilical cord has wrapped around the neck of the child, and this prevents the brain from getting enough oxygen. If the obstetrician or other care provider does not act quickly then birth injuries can occur.

Your law firm can help gather all of the needed documented medical evidence, and help ensure that your child’s injuries are all accurately diagnosed and properly treated.

Before you can recover the money that your child deserves for their birth injuries these injuries must be well documented.

Chester Law Group, an Ohio birth injury law firm, have medical associates and experts who can help evaluate your case, and determine whether the doctors, nurses, and other medical providers acted appropriately, and within the standard of care of similar medical professionals in the same geographic area.

These experts are familiar with the symptoms and causes of Cerebral Palsy, and can be used to give testimony in court if necessary to show why the provider was negligent.

In some cases symptoms of this condition may not appear immediately after birth, and may only be noticed when the child is slow to develop normally during the first year or two of life.

Erbs Palsy and Brachial Palsy

Erbs Palsy, also commonly called Brachial Palsy or Brachial Plexus birth injury, is another type of birth injury that is frequently seen. This injury will happen in roughly two births out of every one thousand babies delivered.

Erbs Palsy is caused by injury or damage to the nerve group called the brachial plexus, often due to shoulder dystocia which makes shoulder delivery difficult.

Birth injury lawyers understand that Erbs Palsy may be preventable, and is typically caused when the pressure placed on the shoulder, neck, or head of your child is excessive during birth.

Babies who are large are more likely to experience this injury, because of the increased size. Careful monitoring of the fetal weight and other factors during pregnancy can prevent this complication in many cases, with a Cesarean section performed before labor can start or progress if the baby is over-sized or the mother has a small pelvis or birth canal and complications are expected.

Birth injury attorneys can help if your child has suffered any birth injuries, and the law says you and your child may be entitled to compensation for numerous types of damages.

Your law firm can help you make sure your child receives the right treatment, with an accurate diagnosis for each type of injury suffered. To be successful with a personal injury settlement or trial for any birth injuries suffered personal injury lawyers must have documented medical evidence.

The lawyers for the defendants will make every attempt to downplay the injuries suffered, how the injuries were caused, and the effects that these injuries will have on your child.

Documented medical evidence like MRI and CAT scan results and other medical records are used by your birth injury lawyer to show the judge or jury exactly what the injuries are, and expert testimony is used to show why the standard of care was not followed in your case.

Often your attorney can negotiate a personal injury settlement without the need for an actual jury trial, especially when the documented medical evidence is well established and the facts are clear.

Not all injuries during birth can be prevented, but many can be and if your child was injured because of medical negligence then you need someone on your side. The attorneys for the other side are only interested in how much your claims will cost, and they will do everything possible to cast doubt on your case. This is their job.

Finding a birth injury attorney as soon as possible after your child is born with these conditions can help protect your rights, and make sure that you and your child get the money the law says you deserve. This also allows the law firm to build your case from the very start and to ensure all the documented medical evidence needed is available for a personal injury settlement negotiation or trial.

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