Amherst Car Accident Lawyer States Settling Your Claim Could Cost You Your Health Insurance Coverage

Amherst Car Accident Lawyer

Settling Your Personal Injury Claim Can Cost You Your Health Insurance Coverage.

Chester Law Group Co., LPA founder David M. Chester explains in the following article how to protect your health insurance benefits when you settle your personal injury claim. Attorney Chester states as a general rule, BE SURE TO GET PERMISSION FROM YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY TO SETTLE YOUR PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM.

You may have a contractual obligation to protect your health insurance company’s right to get their money back from the auto insurance company for medical bills they paid from your accident. This is called “the right of subrogation.”

For example, in a car accident case, Medical Mutual may pay your medical bills from the car accident, and they usually have a right to get their money back from the careless person’s auto insurance company when the case settles. If you don’t have their permission, you may breach your contract with them and may lose your health insurance.

Also, if you will be having future care, you need to let them know about this to get their informed consent to pay the future bills after the personal injury case is settled. Failure to do this may mean they will not pay the future bills.

Not many people know that they can lose their health insurance benefits if they don’t have permission to settle with the auto insurance company of the party at fault. I bet the auto insurance adjuster won’t tell you that. If you don’t repay Medicare, you can go to jail.

Your lawyer can help you repay those health insurers that must be repaid by law and not repay those who do not have a legal claim. Also, the experienced Amherst car accident lawyer can make sure the amount they claim is from the accident actually is accident related.

Your lawyer provides many valuable services behind the scenes to maximize your personal injury settlement. Many times, he is negotiating not just with the insurance company for the party at fault, but with doctors and health insurance companies for reductions on your behalf. Chester Law Group we make sure that clients do not needlessly lose their health insurance benefit when they settle their Ohio car accident claims.