Akron Serious Injury Lawyer Launches Upgraded Video Website

Akron, Ohio based Chester Law Group Co., LPA, 800-218-4243, has announced that they have upgraded their website to include features that will enable its users to watch informative videos on the personal injury claim process.

Akron, Ohio (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

The following is the press release per the above link:

Chester Law Group Co., LPA, an Akron Ohio personal injury law firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly upgraded video website. On the website, ChesterLaw.com, visitors can watch videos from Attorney David Chester while he discusses all aspects of the personal injury claim process; these videos give in-depth explanations on;

  • The dangers of settling your personal injury claim too quickly or without an experienced lawyer.
  • The most common tactics that are employed by the insurance companies that can ruin your claim.
  • The videos explain exactly what an experienced Ohio personal injury lawyer does for you.
  • It also shows you how to choose an Ohio personal injury lawyer that has your best interests at heart.

These videos can be viewed by choosing one of the three orange boxes that can be found in the middle of the home page, next to the words “I am here because”. As Attorney Chester said in a recent interview, “I understand that after being injured in an Ohio accident, people want answers to their questions. They want information. I provide that information in an easy to understand video format so that people can be informed to make good decisions that could affect the rest of their lives.”

Chester Law has settled many claims for clients and has settled claims relating to auto accidents, serious injuries, truck accidents, and wrongful death. Their lawyers are experienced Akron car accident lawyers who assist their clients in getting a reasonable compensation from their claims. Chester Law was established 25 years ago by founder David Chester and is known for treating their clients fairly and with integrity. They understand that trust is something that must be earned and work hard to establish this trust with their clients.

Attorney David Chester hopes that with this offering of his free videos, Ohioans will watch them and be more informed and equipped to make decisions about their personal injury claims after an accident. These videos provide an understanding of the process and what it entails. Being involved, or having a family member or loved one that is involved in an auto accident is by no means easy, but the compensation that you or a loved one can receive will help to ease some of the financial burdens that usually come with such an accident.

If people prefer, they can order one of the FREE books on the website and have it downloaded immediately. Those FREE books are called ‘The Insider’s Guide to Handling Ohio Accident Claims and Losing Someone You Love, An Ohio Family Guide To Wrongful Death‘. Also from the website you can order the FREE DVD entitled ‘What you should know about motor vehicle claims’.

Attorney Chester believes that information is power, and that is why he offers these free, no obligation videos, books and DVD along with the video website to help Ohioans who have been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of others.